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How to Get a Bonus (6+ items and XP) From Pokestop

By Guidable Writers Aug 29, 2016

[How to Enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan] How to get a Bonus (6+ items and XP) from Pokestop


If certain conditions are met, you can get a bonus. It rewards you XP and items for every 10th Pokestop.

<What you will get>

6+ items

100XP (Usually, Pokestop gives you 50XP.)

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<How to get a bonus>

To get a bonus, you must visit 10 Pokestops within a certain period of time. If you lack any of the following, please start again from the beginning.

Visit 10 Pokestops within 30 minutes.

Visit the next Pokestop within the next 10 minutes.

Visit a different Pokestop. Don’t spin the same Pokestop.


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Tips and tricks to get a bonus

Pokestops are located in the place where people are likely to gather. If you go to such  places like parks or shopping streets, you will easily find Pokestops. If you want to get a bonus, you have to visit each Pokestop within an average of 3 minutes. To visit all of them within 30 minutes, don’t forget to check the location of Pokestop in advance!

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