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long-distance relationship

How To Perfectly Maintain A Long-Distance Relationship

By Guidable Authors May 10, 2021

Sometimes factors force a couple to have a long-distance relationship. Living hundreds of miles apart, studying in different countries, or having job demands that mean you have to be in a different city, these are some reasons partners have to make do with a long-distance relationship. 

long-distance relationship
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For those of you who are in the midst of long-distance relationships, you must often feel uneasy. Here are some tips and tricks to successfully get through the difficulties. 

1. Maintain Good Communication From Both Sides During the Long-Distance Relationship

Firstly, spare your time to exchange some messages with your partner, frequently but not always. Even if only for a simple text, start a chit-chat by asking “What are you doing?” or “Have you eaten yet?”. That kind of small thought will make your partner feel held!

Also, don’t forget to spend your time having a voice-to-voice chat by phone or do a routine video call. For at least 15 minutes a day, it may become a very strong foundation for surviving in a long-distance relationship. In this way, your partner will sense the value of your existence even from a long-distance! 

Even though you are separated by distance, it does not mean you are not able to spend time together. There is nothing wrong to seek some time chatting with your partner during your spare time. Although you are buried in your tasks, better for you to think that someone is waiting faithfully across the city. After all, hanging on for someone far is not really pleasant, isn’t it?

Mostly, the problem in long-distance relationships is the existence of dishonesty, and not trying to spend some time talking with each other. You have to remember that they are the person you have chosen to have a relationship with. What is the meaning of a relationship without good communication? It’s nothing!

long-distance relationship
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2. Be Open to Your Partner

The next tip is also an important thing that forms the basis of your relationship. In a long-distance relationship, it is very necessary that you are open to your partner. Tell them about everything, such as how your day has passed, the difficulties you face, or the things that make you smile today. 

Being honest with everything you do is vital. Never try to find excuses for something you have done, considering that may alienate your partner. Even though your partner is tens of miles away, never under any condition forget that you have a partner. If you want them to respect you as their partner, then you must do the same way. It is very crucial not to break each other’s hearts and settle a trustworthy relationship.

3. However, Give Them Some Space!

Important to remember, although maintaining good communication is crucial, that doesn’t mean they have to be with their cellphone all the time for you! 

Instead, you have to start getting used to giving space to each other. Let them do what they have to do, so do you. There’s no need to force yourself to spend hours only talking with him or her. 

Rather than asking for their presence continuously, why don’t you give them some supportive messages one or two times a day, and healthily express your longing? By the same token, you can try some interesting exercises or do something else that may help you to endure your feelings.

By showing that you are settled, your partner will perceive a more appreciated and trusted ambiance. 

long-distance relationship
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4. Trust Them No Matter What 

Have you ever noticed the way they act weird and didn’t really care about you anymore? No need to worry, it’s absolutely a regular thing! The only thing you can do is to keep a positive mind and believe in them. Regardless, they might have a problem in their office, experienced something urgently, or currently doing a substance that cannot be pushed back. 

However, if this unwanted circumstance occurs continuously, the solution is to have a good talk under two cool heads. You have to talk about what has burdened you in a gentle way so as not to offend him or her. Look for the best way out, without having to cause a huge risk into your relationship. 

In other words, even though many difficulties may occur during the process, don’t forget to always try to think positively and trust your partner. Yet, if you sense something is not right repeatedly, go talk to your partner.

5. Get Yourself A New Hobby to Avoid Boredom

Sensing boredom, and getting used to being alone are dangerous things to watch out for when you are in a long distance relationship. Many people end their relationship using the reason that they feel bored with their partner who is not physically standing beside them. In order to avoid this, all you have to do is get your life busy with useful activities. For instance, take a yoga class once a week or a cooking class every Thursday.

In this way, it may give you a peace of mind, and of course, some new skills. By keeping yourself busy, you will not grasp a chance to think much about your worries related to your partner, which may lead to a further goodbye. 

long-distance relationship
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Is Your Long-Distance Relationship Doing Well?

Despite having a long-distance relationship has never been easy, that does not mean we cannot go through it successfully. Indeed, there are some basic principles that both, not just one party should understand. Supposedly you guess that you have done it right, but you are still not satisfied with your partner’s understanding, why don’t you try to share this article with your lover.

Maybe in the future, it will bring a better change and deeper understanding for your meaningful long-distance relationship. Good luck!

Devy Mufliha,

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