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Hydrangeas in the rainy season

By Guidable Writers Jun 24, 2016

Tsuyu is the rainy season in early summer in Japan. It starts around the beginning of June and ends in mid-July. We think of hydrangeas in the rainy season.


(Image by Atsumi)

Hydrangeas are written for Manyoshu tanka collection and are used as a seasonal word for summer. Flowering time of hydrangeas is from June to July. Hydrangeas originated from Japan, which belong to Calyx hydrangeaceae. The flower language of hydrangeas are “heartlessness,”“boastfulness,” “capriciousness” etc. “Capriciousness” expresses the aspect of hydrangeas that they change colors themselves.


The color of hydrangeas are purple, blue, pink, red, or white. The color of hydrangeas becomes red if the soil is alkaline,and becomes blue if the soil is acid. White hydrangeas don’t have any pigments called the anthocyanin, so the color doesn’t change by pH of the soil.


In the season of hydrangeas bloom, “Meigetsu-in” in Kamakura known as “hydrangeas temple” is visited by many tourists. People enjoy seeing hydrangeas in the rain. So, please enjoy hydrangeas during Tsuyu.


(Image by Atsumi)