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Japanese Beauty Hack Trends on TikTok

By Devy Mar 22, 2022

You can’t talk about beauty trends without talking about the increasingly popular Japanese beauty hack trend on TikTok. 

As a result of the high beauty standards in Japan, many people aim for that “perfect” look, and recently, many have begun achieving it following the steps of TikTok’s “top-secret” Japanese beauty hacks.

We’ve summed up some of the most popular beauty hack trends on TikTok. 

1. Rice Water Wash

One of the latest hacks on Tiktok has been washing your face or whole body using rice water, adapted from more traditional ways of cleansing found in Asia. however, more recently, using rice water as a cleanser has gotten a lot of attention from users all over the internet. 

Japanese people believed the essence found in rice water could smooth facial skin and provide an instant brightening effect without damaging it.

Now, it is also believed that using rice washing water to wash your face is able to improve skin texture. Many even think that washing your face with rice water before applying makeup can give your makeup a longer-lasting appearance and a natural glow.

japanese beauty, beauty hacks, trends, japan, tiktok

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2. Heat Up Your UnderEye Using An Eye-Mask

In Japan, the use of heat-up eye masks is very popular. Instead of using them for relaxation and stress relief, Japanese people tend to use them to replenish dry skin and prevent wrinkles around the eye. 

On TikTok, there is a popular trend that involves using a heat-up eye mask routinely every night before bed, so that you wake up with a beautiful refreshed appearance. The eye mask works by steaming your eyes to around 40 degrees Celcius, which gives the wearer the sensation of relaxation and healing. 

There are several popular brands of heat-up eye masks, including Kao, that you can buy from places such as Donquijote or a drug store in your area. 

japanese beauty, beauty hacks, trends, japan, tiktok

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3. Azuki Bean Scrub

Healthy young-looking skin is a dream for all young women, not only in Japan but worldwide. Since the Nara period, around 1000 years ago, using Azuki beans as a tool for healthy skin has been a Japanese beauty hack. 

It has several intense results, including getting rid of dead cells, unclogging pores, and an instant brightening effect for immediate impact. 

On TikTok, Japanese beauty vloggers use Azuki beans by grinding them into a crumbly mixture and combining them with a bit of rose water to give the maximum result. Use it as a mask or scrub, and leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes; you will have such healthy, young-looking skin! 

4. Fake Bottom Lashes

Another Japanese beauty trend on TikTok is applying fake lashes to your bottom lashes as well as applying them to your top lashes. 

For many on TikTok, having glamorous false lashes on your bottom lashes has become a new beauty trend. Since Japan is heavily influenced by that “perfect doll-look,” having beautiful, long, slightly curled lower lashes is one of the fastest ways to get the desired result.

The hack is simply to add false lashes to your bottom lashes for the wide-eyed doll look. Don’t forget to choose a darker color and long lashes to really get the perfect doll look.

According to many famous Japanese beauty TikTokers, this is a trend that has been popular among younger people since the beginning of 2022.

japanese beauty, beauty hacks, trends, japan, tiktok

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5. Face Shaving 

You may have heard of this one as it has begun gaining popularity worldwide. It’s face shaving (顔剃り)

This one has been around for a while in Japan, but it has recently started to gain attention outside of Japan too. Shaving your face leaves it soft and also takes off the uppermost layer of dead skin allowing your products to penetrate your skin more deeply.

Just by using a small face razor your skin will feel softer and look brighter. No wonder it’s become such a huge trend in Japan!

6. Using Powder Blush on Your Lips

Using your tint as a blush was a trend several years back. Now, it is time to use your powder blush to color your lips

Recently, younger Japanese people on TikTok have begun to use their powder blush as a sparkle coloring on top of their lip makeup. 

Starting with a base lip color as a foundation, these trends followers top it off with a powder blush to spark the lip. In the end, you will have a perfectly natural look, that also makes you look like a perfect baby doll. 

According to a few famous makeup artists, putting powdery makeup on your lips will give any lip color underneath better durability to support long-lasting makeup wear. 

japanese beauty, beauty hacks, trends, japan, tiktok

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Go and Give TikTok’s Japanese Beauty Hack Trends a Go

Why not try one of these beauty hacks from Japanese TikTok?  Who knows, maybe one of these 2022 beauty hacks will become a go-to for you!

Don’t forget to post your experience using these trends on your TikTok (if you have it) using the hashtag #BeautyHacks or #JapaneseBeautyHacks to continue the trend! 

Devy Mufliha,


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