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Japanese Tips 2: Best Japanese Language Learning Youtube Channels

By Tony Tao Oct 1, 2020

Experiencing Excellent Japanese Language Learning Youtube Channels

This article on “Best Japanese Language Learning Youtube Channels” is one of Guidable’s series of guideline articles on “Tips For Studying Japanese.” Learning a new language may be challenging at first, but persevere, and the results of all your hard work will be worth it!

You can learn a lot more from the Internet than your books. Nowadays, it’s easy to find word definitions on your smartphone with just one touch by super convenient apps on the Apple Store or Android, or, enjoying excellent quality Youtube videos about Japanese learning. Studying Japanese on YouTube not only costs “Zero” yen but also can give you enjoyable time

So, let’s check them out!

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Learn Japanese From Zero!

Learn Japanese From Zero” is a well-structured and inspirational course containing around 200 insightful videos by George Trombley and his wife, Yukari Takenaka. George is an incredibly fluent Japanese speaker, and obviously, a passionate teacher. 

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, his Japanese learning videos are uploaded and packed with useful insights for students of all skills, although most of the channel’s videos are beginners-oriented. Efficient, simple most significantly, enjoyable.

Easy Language – Easy Japanese – Learn Japanese From The Streets

A playlist from the famous language learning channel “Easy Language”: “Easy Japanese: Learn Japanese from the streets!” containing a remarkably enjoyable content!  

The producers simply interview random people on the street, asking them to describe their frequently used slang words and idioms, about elementary topics such as rain, love, Christmas. Mastering this skill is crucial if you prefer to improve your daily Izakaya (Japanese tavern) language routines.

That Japanese Man Yuta

Yuta Aoki is the host of this popular channels! He interviews random people on the street in Tokyo and makes informative videos about Japanese culture and language from a Japanese perspective. Entertaining, insightful, That Japanese Man Yuta is definitely a recommendation from the Guidable team!

バイリンガール英会話 | Bilingirl Chika 

Bilingirl Chika is a fascinating video blog of a bilingual/ bicultural Japanese/ American girl who shares her thoughts and journeys. The channel is well-subtitled, and there’s a decent amount of Japanese to make it worth enjoying, with a lot of English to make sure you can follow along.


Do you like Japanese food? If yes, then this Youtube channel is your destination! Bobby Judo will show you how to cook, while at the same time teach you some useful vocabulary.

Micaela ミカエラ

Micaela ミカエラ provides gorgeous videos on all aspects of Japanese culture. It’s absolutely a place for you to chill out. Besides, the channel is well-subtitled as well. Some of them are in Japanese with English subtitles, some in English with Japanese subtitles, all worth the watch.

Japanese is Not Hard To Learn! Experiencing Excellent Japanese Language Learning Youtube Channels

Stop a low tech lifestyle and find some other effective ways of learning Japanese, such as enjoying excellent quality Youtube videos about Japanese! Learning the Japanese language does not only promote escalation in studying or working but also traveling.

Do not waste time; let’s start to learn Japanese together!

Thus, the Guidable team does hope that you found this article as a helpful piece of information! After all, all of our activities are aiming for a better life for foreigners in Japan! So, stay tuned and follow us!

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