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[Jin’s adventure in Japan~Chinese student eye~1] Impression of Japan

By Guidable Writers Feb 8, 2017

Speaking of Japan, what is your first thing you thought. Is that brilliant and beautiful sakura? Is that towering Fuji Mountain? Is that noble and elegant kimono? Everyone has their own impression of Japan. I am a student studying abroad in Japan now. So I want to tell you about my impression of Japan.


Japan is a very beautiful country. In here, you always can see blue sky, green trees, pretty flowers and so on. The streets are very clean and tidy, you can hardly find a piece of garbage. But interestingly, in Japan, there have not trash cans in the streets except convenience stores and supermarkets. A lot of people will consciously take the garbage to home. This behavior let me know that Japanese environmental consciousness is really strong. It is also about waste sorting. Before I came to Japan, I heard that Japanese waste sorting is very detailed. And then, I also took a long time to study classification of garbage and the time to throw out garbage. Although it is bring some trouble to my life. But when I have got used to this kind of life, I think it makes sense to do it this way.


Japan has a well-developed transportation system. It makes people travel become more convenient. In Tokyo, I find that Japanese are rarely used cars. They usually use trains and subways to go to other place. Trains and subways have become a part of their daily lives. I was very impressed by the experience of the train and subway in Japan. Now let me talk about my ride experience. First, trains and subways arrived on time. I don’t worry about missing trains or trains are behind time. It is also improves the efficiency of travel. Every railway platform has a huge electronic display screen to advise passengers of the time of trains arrival and the location of ride. But the traffic map is too complex, for the foreigners whose come to a place for the first time, maybe it is a little difficult to find the place. And there are many entrances and exits of the platform. Although it is convenient, sometimes also make me feel a little helpless. When I first went to Shinjuku, I found a lot of exports, but I do not know which is nearest export to go to the destination. It took me half an hour to find the nearest exit in Shinjuku. The experience was fresh in my memory.


If you love Japanese culture, food or other things, I suggest that you come to Japan and experience the life by yourself. You will find more interesting things in you life.