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Learn Japanese with your spare time! The hottest online Japanese class today

By Guidable Writers Nov 1, 2017

This post is also available in: Chinese (Simplified) Japanese Chinese (Traditional)

‘Even though we are apart, our hearts are connected!’

‘I want to study Japanese but I don’t have time to take classes.’

‘I want to study on my own pace.’

If you want to study Japanese online, you should try ONER Online Japanese School, one of the hottest online school for Japanese learners.

ONER has been supported by many Japanese learners for a long time. Let me explain the reason why you need to try ONER if you want to learn Japanese effectively.



Why ONER?①: Reliable ‘Classroom teacher’ system

In ONER, we arrange a ‘home room teacher’ for every student.

Before you take our class, you must be worried about weather you can choose your favorite teacher. In ONER, we guarantee that you can have a fixed teacher for every class.

Other language school use ‘Appointment’ system.

You need to make an appointment with the teacher before every class, and you have to choose from the time that the teacher is available.

If you want to learn from a popular teacher, it is often difficult for you to make an appointment. As a result, you have to say ‘Hajimemashite’ (Nice to meet you) to your teacher every time. That’s very inefficient!



Why ONER?②: Support System designed by our school representative who has 15 years of teaching experience

ONER provides ‘Triangular Relationship System’ which is formed by student+teacher +school representative (adviser and coordinator)

In ONER, before you sign up for class, you will have a counseling with our school representative, who has 15 years of teaching experience as a Japanese language teacher.

Even after your class has started, you can share your concerns about your class with the school representative anytime, in order to keep ‘Triangular Relationship’!



Why ONER?③: Provide a comfortable environment for both who study and teach Japanese

ONER provides a place makes students to ‘learn easier and learn more’ and makes teachers ‘teach easier and teach more’

At other language school, it is said that the turnover rate of teacher are very high.
However, ONER is different. The quality of the teachers, content of the classes and the service provided for both teachers and students are the reasons why ONER is supported by many students.
ONER tries their best to keep the motivation of the teachers and provide them the best teaching environment.
Learn a language is a long process. If a teacher quit, the student has to find a new teacher and start the lesson from the start. Therefore, maintaining the high stability of the workers is very important for ONER.


Register for ONER now!

[The flow from Registration to lesson starts]

1. Click here to register!
2. Counseling with the school principal (through text or call)
Content of the counseling
(1)Experience in learning Japanese (How long did you study? What did you study? Where did you study? What textbook did you use? etc.)
(2)Purpose of studying(e.g. ‘I have studied the grammar, but I want to be more fluent in speaking/I like Japanese culture/ I often come to travel in Japan)
(3)Future goals(I want to pass N1/I want to go to Japanese company/I want to study in Japanese University)
(4)Checking your current level through conversation in Japanese
(5)Any concerns about the class(about teachers, content, textbook, times of classes etc.)
3. Trial class(30 minutes)(Optional)
4. Regular class begins



Regular Class 2000JPY/hour
・We can make flexible arrangement for your schedule
e.g.:for student A, 1 class per week, 2 hours per class 2 hours per week in total
for student B,  2 class per week, 1.5 hours per class 3 hours per week in total
Trial class 30 minutes for 1class, 500JPY