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Let’s Unwrap the Secrets of Japanese Guys!

By Guidable Writers Apr 3, 2017

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We find many international couples here in Japan, but many of them are non-Japanese guy with a Japanese girl. Why? There must be some reasons! Do you want to know the secrets of Japanese guys? Maybe you want to get closer to a special someone and still cannot make a move?  Now let’s take a look at “ecology” of Japanese guys and make a good relationship with them!

1) Shy, or Not Confident Enough

Japanese girls are shy, and so do guys. They are shy and rather passive unless they are confident that you like them or at least you don’t hate them. Once they notice your feelings for them and they also like you, it doesn’t take long till they start to take action. Japanese guys can be passionate, too!

2) Reading Between the Lines and Avoid Conflicts

Japanese people value cooperation and always try to sense the atmosphere. This behavior doesn’t change much in a relationship, either. So it’s not always easy to know what they really think even among Japanese. To keep a good relationship, it’s very important to understand each other well so we cannot always avoid deep conversation. They will reveal themselves and start to say opinions little by little when they know you would try to understand them. To make him trust you is the best way to reach that step. Putting too much pressure and blaming them on something would create an adverse result! Japanese guys are a bit sensitive in a way.

3) Little Expression of Affection

You would want much more expression of love from your Japanese boyfriend. Japanese guys are again very shy and do not show their passion much especially in public. Some guys don’t even want to introduce their girlfriend to their friends. Was he very passionate till you two got together? Yes, he tried very hard, did everything he could do to get you! Many of Japanese guys show less affection once you become his girlfriend. Sigh.. This is also what many Japanese girls sigh about! It’s just they are shy in most cases.


4) Meeting His Parents Means Something Very Special

It’s not popular to meet each other’s parents here in Japan. Meeting parents means that you two want to marry. If he doesn’t introduce you to his parents, it doesn’t mean he is not serious. Once you two decide to get married, he will set up a pre-wedding meeting with them for you.

5) Valuing Relationship in Business

Many Japanese workers work hard till late at night, come home being tired, have dinner, take a bath and just go to bed. Japanese men value relationships with coworkers and bosses as well. He may sometimes have dinner and go drinking with the business partners or bosses after work and may not come home till next morning. You couldn’t understand why they value business relationship so much and not treasure their own personal life and you! In Japan, it can be hard to refuse such offers from bosses. In most cases, they just want to come home and relax rather than drinking with the boss!

Those were some points expressing Japanese guys. Did you enjoy reading them? I hope they help you in understanding Japanese guys. They also tend to like girls with a feminine outfit with decent behavior. Tickle Japanese guy’s feelings and good luck on your romantic moments here!



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