Gokon? White Day? International marriage? Do you know the different customs and traditions for dating in Japan? Would you like to know more about dating and relationships? We at Guidable hope to introduce some tips about how to communicate smoothly with Japanese people.
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Relationship with a Japanese partner

Apr 9, 2017

Communication is very important in any relationships, no matter where you are and where you are from... Read More...

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THIS IS: Weddings in Japan

Apr 7, 2017

Traditional weddings in Japan There is a traditional style of weddings in Japan, and this is quit... Read More...

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Gifts your Japanese Girlfriend Really Wants

Apr 5, 2017

There are many events to exchange or give gifts during a year. In Japan, couples celebrate each othe... Read More...

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Let’s Unwrap the Secrets of Japanese Guys!

Apr 3, 2017

We find many international couples here in Japan, but many of them are non-Japanese guy with a Japan... Read More...

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Do you know the good communication style, if you fall in love with Japanese man?

Apr 1, 2017

In the case of loving with a Japanese man, do you know the best way to understand his emotion? Do yo... Read More...

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Romance in Japan – The Key to Success for Newcomers

Mar 22, 2017

Romance can be a challenging pursuit, multiplied even more so if you’re in a new country with langua... Read More...

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Relationships with Japanese people

Feb 18, 2017

Dating and love in Japan can be daunting at first but the following tips will help you understand ho... Read More...

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Japanese Valentine’s day

Feb 6, 2017

  Valentine’s Day is internationally celebrated all over the world. You might be aware of th... Read More...

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What Japanese girls like about foreign guys

Nov 5, 2016

Each country has a different way of expressing love, and each man has a different way of expressing ... Read More...

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Dating avenues in Japan

Nov 3, 2016

Do you want to make a friend who has a potential to be your special one? There sure are many places ... Read More...

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The common differences of romantic relationships in Japan and elsewhere

Nov 4, 2016

Each country has it’s own culture of love, so does Japan. I think, the following are the biggest dif... Read More...

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How to Keep a Relationship with Japanese Girls

Oct 20, 2016

Many people come to Japan because they like it’s culture, and would like to mingle with Japanese peo... Read More...

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Japanese Marriage Laws: Marrying a Non-Japanese Citizen in Japan

Japanese Marriage Laws: Marrying a Non-Japanese Citizen in Japan

Oct 2, 2016

How to get married in Japan according to Japanese International Marriage laws There is no suita... Read More...

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The Wall of International Romance

Sep 22, 2016

There are a lot of “walls” to overcome between couples to marry in general. In the case of “internat... Read More...

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How to Keep an International Romance

Sep 15, 2016

Recently the style of love and romance is getting more and more casual. The younger generation is... Read More...

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How to check Japanese girl’s sign which you like

Aug 31, 2016

When guys show their affection straightforward, it is difficult to tell girls' feeling. Is it just t... Read More...

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