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Action you take in the case of Natural Disaster

By Guidable Writers Oct 14, 2015

■Useful Information

When you walking around in Tokyo, as many of you noticed, despite of the fact Japan has over thousand years history, old buildings are not remained much.



This is because of natural disasters; Typhoon, Flood, Earthquake etc


In the case of you are involved in such natural disaster, it is very important to act in accordance with accurate information provided by


1. railway companies (make sure you can go home that day or not)
2. Government (sometime you should evacuation to public space)
3. your embassy (your country may offer special help)



This site will provide you suitable information promptly:

Safety Tips (Japanese Tourism Agency)

Also, this agency offers you free app which alerts about Earthquake Early Warning, Tsunami Warning, and other Weather Warning within Japan in English, Japanese, Hangul, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

This will also inform you daily news from NHK WORLD.


Besides, it is also important to know the way to go home from the working or studying place on foot.

There are much possibility that standstill of rail way and crowded car load when natural disaster happens.

And your mobile phone battery is off because of your work and emergent phone call to tell you that you are safe.


■Phone call at the emergent situation

Your call may not be successful in the case of natural disaster, especially you are in that situation, because people around you call simultaneously. Communication network is reaching or its capability.

Emergency call

In that case you can leave your voice message to tell you that you are safe in the network.

How to leave your message
※There is no English guidance.

171 procedure

source: NTT Communication Global