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Driving a car and International Driving Permits

Jul 19, 2016

Japan’s large metropolitan area around Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are served by highly efficient public... Read More...

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Gift: Bunch of flowers ~Which Flower is Appropriate for Which Occassion?~

Gift: Bunch of flowers ~Which Flower is Appropriate for Which Occassion?~

Jul 17, 2016

Floral emblem and what they mean Do you know floral emblem of your own country? As for Japan, it i... Read More...

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An Extraordinary Interactive Museum in Hiroshima Ride, See, Touch, Take Some Pictures

Jul 11, 2016

We visit museums to see their exhibitions and occasionally take some pictures. It is usually proh... Read More...

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Cobalt Blue Mystery: Lake Shikotsu (Shikotsu-Ko)

Jul 11, 2016

《A Big Hollow 》 New Chitose Airport is called “Hokkaido’s main gateway to the skies.”  In Chitose... Read More...

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For your comfortable transfer around Japan…About “ JAPAN RAIL PASS.”

Jul 10, 2016

Do you know you can use  every railroad systems around Japan inexpensively if you have this ticket? ... Read More...

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Auto Charge to IC card

Jul 9, 2016

1. What is Auto Charge?   It is Japanese-made English word that meaning refill or top... Read More...

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Japanese traditional festival “Tanabata”

Jul 7, 2016

"Tanabata" is a Japanese traditional festival. It is one of the season festivals in a year. There... Read More...

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Let’s be a temporally car owner in Japan

Jul 6, 2016

In Japan, we have many options for transportation. Public transportation like trains, subways and bu... Read More...

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Tips to drive in Japan

Jul 6, 2016

Driving a car in Japan in is different from most of other countries. Japanese car has a steering whe... Read More...

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Rainy season in Japan – called “Tsu-yu” and “Aki-same”

Jul 4, 2016

What is called “梅雨 (Tsu-yu)” and “秋雨 (Aki-same)”   You might hear the word of “梅雨 (Ts... Read More...

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Prevention of Heat Stroke

Jun 30, 2016

Do You Know Heat Stroke? Summer is in the air. In Japan, weather becomes humid from June to the m... Read More...

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Smart Card Ticketing System in Hiroshima

Jun 28, 2016

What is Smart Card Ticketing System? Are you using smart cards? They are issued in several areas ... Read More...

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Sekiji – Very unique business manner in Japan

Jun 26, 2016

In business situation, have you ever considered well which chair to sit down in a room? Where to be ... Read More...

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Tokyo Bar Hopping

Jun 27, 2016

Do You Like Alcohol? Have you ever been to bars in Japan? Japan also has original bar culture. Bu... Read More...

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Why don’t you try making “Obento?”

Jun 24, 2016

《What is Obento?》 When you come to feel you’re getting used to daily life in Japan, I would recom... Read More...

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