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Reason why getting a Japanese girlfriend is easy during Christmas Season

By Guidable Writers Dec 1, 2017

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Reason why getting a Japanese girlfriend is easy during Christmas Season! Just go to a Go-Con Party!

Do you want a Japanese girlfriend?

In Japan, Christmas is a festival for lovers.

If you are living in Japan, I’m sure that you definitely want to get a Japanese Girlfriend.

Today, I have a good news for you: Christmas is the best season for you to find a Japanese girlfriend!

I will explain the reason why it is easy for you to find a girlfriend/boyfriend, and how to get one.

After reading this article, I am sure that you will have a lot more confidence in getting a Japanese girlfriend, and we will also tell you the best way to find your potential lover.

Every Japanese needs a lover in Christmas Season

As I mentioned before, Christmas is a festival of love.

If you go to Odaiba or Minatomirai in the Christmas Season, you would probably find a lot of couples there.

For most of the Japanese people, Christmas is the day for them to date their lover. If you don’t have a lover on Christmas Day, you will be called ‘Kuri bochi’ (meaning ‘being alone on Christmas’), which is very humiliating.

This is why people are obsessed with love on Christmas. I believe most of the people who don’t have a lover will be desperate of getting a lover, so this is the chance for you to get a lover too.

If you have a crush on someone now, just go for it! I am pretty sure that someone is waiting for you. This is the time for you to get a Japanese girlfriend!

Foreign guys in Japan are popular among Japanese girls

No matter which country you are from, you will be popular among Japanese girls as long as you are a foreigner!

For many Japanese girls, getting a foreigner boyfriend can be her reputation.

It is really a cool thing if a Japanese girl can date a foreigner because for many Japanese people, ‘foreigner=cool’.

There are many reasons why Japanese girls find foreigner attractive.

First,  foreigners are fun to talk to! Many Japanese girls are already bored to talk to Japanese guys; they all have the same hairstyle, wear the same cloths and talk the same things… It is time for Japanese girls to find a foreign boyfriends.

You don’t need to be good at Japanese. Even though your Japanese is not perfect, they can still get your humor, and most of the time, Japanese girls will find foreigners much more funnier than Japanese guys.

Therefore, it is time for you to a Japanese girl! I am sure that she is waiting for you!

How to find a Japanese girl on Christmas?

Having explained the reason why it is easy for you to get a Japanese girlfriend, now I am going to tell you exactly how you can get a Japanese girlfriend.

Maybe you will want to ask, ‘What should I do if I don’t have any Japanese girl around me?’

The reason for this question is simple: Just go and look for them!

As I explained how Japanese girls are obsessed with boyfriend on Christmas Day, it is important for you to find a way to get to a Japanese girlfriend who doesn’t have a boyfriend.

The most easiest way for you to find someone is just text someone who are in the internet, but it won’t help you a lot because not many Japanese girls are brave enough to meet a stranger.

So, what should you do?

Find a Japanese girlfriend in a Go-Con Party!

The fastest way for you to get access to a single Japanese girl is to go to Go-Con Party!

What is a Go-Con Party? It is the general name for all matching parties in Japan.

Matching Party will provide you a platform for you to talk to many Japanese girl freely.

There is an International Matching Party #1, which is organized by Machikon Japan.

The party is held on 9th December, 2017 from 14:30-16:30.

This is a great opportunity for you to find a potential girlfriend as it is welcomed to everyone as long as you are over20, single, and can speak English!

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What is the advantage of going to this International Matching Party?

There are many advantage for you to go to a Go-Con Party, and especially for this International Matching Party, there are many features that will make you easier to find a girl that you love!

Once you are seated in a Matching party, you will be able to talk to the girls that are seating around you. On the other hand, you will not be able to talk to the girls that are sitting far away from you. Even if you find a hot girl that you really like, you can not approach her as long as you are sitting away from her.

This International Matching Party will assign a ‘Shuffling matching time’, which means that they will shuffle the seats so that you can talk to every girls equally during the matching party.

Therefore, there is a higher chance for you to talk to the girl you really like, and after the party, you can ask her out again! Apart from the shuffling time, the party also provide you free time so that you can do what ever you want with the girl you like.

If you are interested,

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Enjoy your Christmas in Japan with your girlfriend!

To all single foreign guys who are living in Japan, it is time for you to change your life.

Christmas in Japan is fun, but you will have so much more fun with a Japanese girlfriend.

The Matching Party is held on 9th December,2017, so don’t miss it!

If you have any questions about matching party or Japanese girlfriend, feel free to contact us through our Facebook page, or you can leave a comment below this article. We are here to help you to get a Japanese girlfriend!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas in Japan!