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Holding a Sakura Party

By Guidable Writers Mar 28, 2017

Butterbur sprouts bloom after penetrating the thick snow ground, and the spring has just arrived in Japan. Climate is getting milder, we realize living things waking up from cold winter. But you know, spring is the restarting season not only for surrounding environment but also for us. In Japan, there’s a good traditional event to change your mind for a new beginning with the seasonal scenery. It is called Hanami, go picnic with your friend to see magnificent Cherry blossoms in Japan.

Hanami has an ancient historical origin and this tradition lasting more than one and a half millennium. First Hanami tradition is said to be started in Nara era with plum blossoms. And it had already been changed to cherry blossoms from plum blossoms in the 10th century. After that Cherry blossoms always be with Japanese as seasonal daily life.

Cherry blossoms are called Sakura in Japanese, it is said that this word was taken from the name of the Goddess in ancient Japanese myth. And ancient tradition credit Sakura goddess dispersed cherry seeds from the sky above Fuji-mountain. This story will make you feel mystical in Hanami party.
So in this country, Sakura is the symbol of flowers and spring.
Also in Japanese traditional poets like Waka and Haiku, Sakura has mentioned a lot as the symbol of spring scenery or beautifulness.

Then let me lecture you how to enjoy Hanami.
At first, you must know when Sakura bloom fully. The best way to notice that is to observe sakura tree every day on the way you go out, but if it’s too difficult for you can ask your friend or google sakura report on the Internet. And you should be careful about the weather too because after windy day or rainy day flower fall immediately, so please check weather forecast every day. Famous hanami spot always crowded with many people, so please try to find your own calm Hanami spot with good scenery.


On the day for Hanami, please bring the lunch box with seasonal foods(handmade is more traditional). Then spread meat under the cherry tree it will be the nice experience. If you are over 20 years old, some sake will make your Hanami colorful more and more. But even you are drunk please keep in your mind that you must keep clean the public place and nobody can throw garbage around. Please bring everything back to your place and if there’s somebody throwing garbage make it clean for that poor person. These days many people with bad manner scatter garbage around trees, and it’s making the bad impression about beautiful Hanami tradition.

Please enjoy your Hanami party with the beautiful mind like Sakura trees and make yourself refreshed for good beginning of the new fiscal year.

Reiya, Japan