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By Guidable Writers Dec 18, 2015

If you start life in another country, you need to know rules and manner in the country.

In Japan, we have original manner and courtesy in behavior and language.

Some manners are not easy to understand.

For example, many foreigners say Japanese streets and roads in Tokyo are amazingly cleaned.



We don’t hire any professional cleaners. It is done by only people’s manner.




As a part of manner, it is strongly recommended that you will know some signboards in the city.


Signboard ( not advertising board ) are always telling us important information.

Today, I will introduce some signboards in the city which the author thinks is important.



Blue and Red letter beside “P”






You see red letter below the “P”. “P” means parking.

If you are driving the car, and you want to park your car somewhere. You can park your car in the space which has “Letter P”. “P” represents Parking area.


If it has “満 (man)” means it is full.

If it has “空” (Ku) means there are some spaces that you can park your car. In the small space.


Normally, letter of 満 is in red, 空 is blue, green or white.



■ Stop before the res circle

Directions up right signbord is , the red board and circle.


When you find it, and you must stop one time very before the white line on the ground.

Otherwise your driving license may not available


The reasons why the red circle shape signboard has been settled are

・There was a traffic accident in the past

・The place has dead angle