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By Guidable Writers Jul 20, 2016

Watermelon must be a popular fruit around the world, especially during every summer in Japan.

Watermelon contains important nutrients, such as magnesium, sodium and potassium which is avoided us to get dehydrated and maintain our water balance in the body. Many people around the world may enjoy this juicy fruit as snacks or desserts after/before the meal, but some Asian countries use them for their traditional foods just like vegetables. On the other hand, Japanese people use them for unusual way, not only as a food during every summer.

Have you ever heard a Japanese word “Suikawari”? Probably, many foreigners do not know what it is, and it needs more specific explanations the meaning of two Japanese words “Suika” and “Wari” in English. At first, “Suika” means watermelon and “Wari” means breaking or splitting something by sticks or something. In short, “Suikawari” means watermelon splitting or breaking by a wooden stick.


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Many Japanese have got experiences this “Suikawari ” game every summer, especially on the beach. “Suikawari” is very famous and traditional event, just like “Omatsuri” (Japanese festival. It takes place in shrines in Japan during every summer. You can see Yukata which is a traditional clothing looks like Kimono and also you can enjoy many foods, for example, cotton candy, shaved ice from food stalls) or “Hanabi” (Fireworks).

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Suikawari sounds like very simple and easy, but it`s more difficult than you thought because Suikawari has some rules which is set by the Japan Suikawari association. The Japanese Suikawari association is established by the Japan Agricultural cooperatives (The Japan Agricultural cooperatives or JA is the most influential agricultural organization in Japan). According to The Japan Suikawari association, Suikawari needs a long wooden stick which is length maximum 1m20cm and diameter is less than 5cm. Each player must be blindfolded before the game and they also have to spin around at least three times and then players are ready to start the game, but it is not an easy way to get the distance and smash watermelon because all players have to move forward distance more than 5m by the rule. All players are allowed to follow the voices by audiences, for example, “go straight”, “turn left or right “and “one step closer” and players will be able to win if they can smash the watermelon within 3 minutes. After the game all participants, including audiences can eat the chunks of watermelon.