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The 5 Best Hot Springs to Visit in Winter

By Aika Kaise Nov 27, 2018

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Have you ever enjoyed hot springs, ‘onsen’ in Japan before? In winter, many people in Japan visit hot springs all over Japan. It is said there are more than 3,000 hot springs nationwide.
Soaking in ‘onsen’ is not only relaxing but is great for maintaining a healthy body.


The Best Hot Springs to Enjoying During the Colder Months

Each hot spring has a different quality and gives different benefits. It is often written on a signboard what kinds of effects are expected after you get in the hot spring, so you are able to contemplate this while enjoying your bath. It is also a good tip to confirm this before visiting and choose the one which is the most suitable for your health condition. There are even some effective for making your skin beautiful.

This article introduces the 5 most recommended hot springs where you should visit in winter in Japan.



1. Beppu Hot Spring



Beppu Hot Spring is known for having the second largest quantity of spring water in the world.
FYI, the largest is Yellowstone National Park in the US. Beppu Hot Spring is, however, known as the largest hot spring in the world where people are actually able to get in.

There are 8 hot spring spots, and each of them has a different quality of hot spring.


2. Kusatsu Hot Spring



Located in Gunma prefecture, the unique point of this hot spring is that it is a sulfur hot spring. Because of sulfur, the color of the water is almost white and has a distinct smell. You are able to smell it even outside of hotels because there is a hot spring outside which flows just as a river.

You are also able to experience a traditional custom called “yumomi” there as well. Translated literally, “yu” means a hot water, and “momi” means to massage in Japanese, but “yumomi” is the custom to mix hot spring water to lower the temperature.
Because the spring water in Kusatsu is about 50 degrees, people cannot get in without lowering the temperature first. The “yumomi” can be seen as a show there, first started in 1960. You are able to experience it at “Netsuno-Yu”, and it costs 600 yen to participate in it. But there is even a song, so totally worth it!


3. Hakone Hot Spring



It takes about 90 minutes to access Hakone from Tokyo, so it is in a great location! There are a lot of hot springs you can visit for a day trip as well, so no need to stay overnight. The unique point of this hot spring is that there are various kinds of hotels from modern style to traditional style.

One of the qualities of hot spring is alkalinity, and it makes your skin shiny and beautiful.


4. Shirahama Hot Spring



It is known as one of the 3 biggest and oldest hot springs in Japan and is located in Wakayama prefecture.
It has about 1350 year’s history and is known to have a good effect on our body.

You can even enjoy the hot spring with a great sea view! And there are many sightseeing spots around there including a wildlife park called “Adventure World” where you can see pandas and dolphins.


5. Atami Hot Spring



Atami is in Shizuoka prefecture, and the hot spring contains sodium and calcium, and it is one of the most famous hot springs in Japan.

There is a firework festival in December, which can’t be missed. Most firework festivals in Japan take place in summer, so don’t miss out on this winter rariety. They also hold a “Pokemon GO” event, for all you Pokemon GO fiends. You can catch them all while wandering the sites.



Take the Time to Find Your Best Hot Spring

Has this article provided you with the motivation to search for your favorite hot spring in Japan? You are able to not only get relaxed but make your body healthier by getting in hot springs. It is so nice to enjoy hot springs in cold winter to make your body and mind warm in Japan!

Aika Kaise / Japan