Top 20 HOT Japanese Baby Name

Oct 24, 2017


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Hello everyone! What’s your name? What is the name of your Japanese friend?
In Japan in 2016, there was a great hit animation movie called “your name” (Kimino na wa), it would be also interesting if you know the “trend” of popular Japanese first name, so, let’s  go through some of them. You might be a student, already working, or trying to find a job. if you start calling Japanese friend, co-worker each other’s by first name, you will feel much closer.


Here is the TOP 20 ranking (Pronunciation)



Boys Top 20 in 2016

Ranking Name (Pronunciation)
1 Haruto
2 Sota
3 Yuto
4 Haruki
5 Sosuke
6 Minato
7 Koki
8 Aoi
9 Riku
10 Yuito
11 Soma
12 Sora
13 Haru
14 Hayato
15 Hinata
16 Yusei
17 Yuma
18 Asahi
19 Kaoto
19 Aoto
19 Ren



Girls Top 20 in 2016

Ranking Name (Pronunciation)
1 Hana
2 Himari
3 Sakura
4 Yui
5 Koharu
6 Mei
7 Akari
8 Mio
9 Rio
10 Rin
11 Hina
12 Aoi
13 Honoka
14 Yua
15 Miyu
16 Ichika
17 Yuzuki
18 Sana
19 Saki
20 Shiori
20 Hinata



Do you have any Japanese friend who has the same name ranked in? Maybe not as this ranking is for the babies who were born in 2016? As you might know, many Japanese have name with Kanji, even the pronunciation is same there are many combinations of kanji.

As every kanji has its own meaning, depending on it, the meaning of name would be different even though the pronunciation is same. Today, as the first step, to make it simple, we will take a look of ranking, based on “pronunciation”.

Here are some detailed information about the ranked name.


“Haruto” is the most popular name for the babies who was born in 2016.

Actually, “Haruto” has been the top for 8 years, it has been keeping the golden stable position!

The major combinations of kanji for Haruto is “陽翔”. This means “sun” + “fly”. We can imagine their parents’ wishes to the boy to be grown up with warm heart and be ambitious for his new challenges. What a beautiful name it is!



“Hana” is the most popular name for the girls, born in 2016. The most common kanji is “華”, which means “flower”. What is interesting is actually also 2nd and 3rd ranking. The 2nd place is “Himari” and the most common combinations of kanji is “陽葵”. Actually, in Japanese, “Himawari” means sun flower. So the sound is inspired by sunflower. “陽” means “sun” and “葵” is a part of sunflower’s kanji. The 3rd place is “Sakura”. As you might know, it means “cherry blossom”. It is well known that Japanese love cherry blossoms, and even for girls name, we use it.

So, as you might recognize, all Top 3 name for girls are related to the name of the flower. We can imagine parents’ wishes that the children life will broom beautifully as a flower.


Interesting Facts

There is other interesting name you might found out. It is “Aoi”. Aoi is both ranked in top 8 for boys and top 12 for girls. It means Aoi can be used for both. “Aoi” means mallow, the flower.

Even though it is not ranked in, “Tsubasa” is also the name, commonly used both for boys and girls. Tsubasa means “wing” in Japanese. You might know Japanese football animation, “Captain Tsubasa”.


How is it to know the recent popular name for Japanese? Actually, the trend is different between the generations, so, it might be also interesting if you would take a look of the name ranking of your age!


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