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Enjoy Snow Sports from Winter to Spring at Niigata Ski Resort, LOTTE Arai!

By Alex Gray Mar 9, 2021

Myoko, Niigata is famous worldwide and Niigata ski resort offers the best skiing experience in Japan. The ski-season lasts until after Golden Week so you can enjoy Spring skiing! But it’s not only skiing! You can enjoy deliciously silky natural onsen (hot springs), snow sports, and indoor activities in the spring. Mountain hiking, cycling, and other outdoor sports in the summer.  

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With travel opportunities lately coming few and far between when you are able to travel why not treat yourself! LOTTE Arai Resort is a premium mountain resort, part of the LOTTE group. It is situated next to the Myoko-Togakushi Renzan National Park, home to stratovolcano Mt. Myoko. Nearby you can enjoy mountains, hiking trails, ski slopes, onsen, local towns, vineyards, sake breweries, and much more! 

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort

A Trip to Myoko, Niigata’s Favourite Ski Resort  

Myoko is a convenient place to reach and is a quick two-hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo on the Hokuriku Shinkansen towards Kanazawa. There is a free shuttle bus from Joetsumyoko Station (reservations required) to the resort. Or it’s a 10-minute drive from the Arai Smart Interchange. Drivers can stop by the Arai Michi no Eki on the way to buy local produce and omiyage.  

Imagine staying in a stylish yet comfortable, mountain lodge-inspired accommodation, surrounded by nature. At LOTTE Arai Resort you can experience all the comforts expected of a premium mountain resort, keeping with the high service standards seen in all LOTTE hotels around the world. Why not experience some luxury and spend some of your travel stash that’s been slowly accumulating?

What Makes LOTTE Arai Resort Stand Out?

Let’s get a better look at what makes this resort really special, somewhere guests want to go back to in every season!

The Luxurious Atmosphere 

The resort is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a slow-paced vacation. Experience luxury through the high quality of service, the stunning rooms, and the various facilities of the resort. Nestled in the mountains, surrounded by nature you may be pleasantly surprised on entering the resort at the gorgeous aesthetics. 

Natural Hot Springs 

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort Onsen

Nothing says luxury more than a natural onsen bath. The low-alkaline water of the natural onsen is said to provide beauty-enhancing properties and certainly allows for a magnificent relaxation experience. The name of the onsen “Hoshizora onsen” is an ode to the breathtaking view of the stars that can be enjoyed while soaking in the exquisitely hot waters.

Spring Skiing at Niigata Ski Resort

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort Skiing

As the holder of the WORLD SKI AWARDS 2020 ‘Japan’s Best Ski Resort’, there is no doubt that Myoko will give you a superb skiing experience. Myoko resort records the most snowfall and the best conditions in Japan, the powdery snow perfect for skiing is well-known worldwide. Find your favourite slope out of the 15 ski courses, 2.12㎢ total skiing area, and eight areas of ungroomed snow. Hitting the slopes at Myoko is a must for ski or snowboarding enthusiasts. Ski or snowboard on the famous powdery snow, or join the snow activities. Never been skiing before? Don’t worry, there are many courses for beginners, you can join the skiing school if you don’t know how, and rent your gear at the rental shop. Or if you are still unsure you can join a snowmobile tour, or strap on some snowshoes and take a scenic tour of the mountain. The best part is, you can still ski until just after Golden Week, here it is not just a winter activity, but a spring activity too!

Summer Outdoor Pool

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool is a popular summer-time highlight. The pool is great for families with children and is also a great hit with adults who might like to order an alcoholic drink to sip by the pool. On summer weekends try out the night pool with live DJs for a summer outdoor pool party experience!

All the Hotel Facilities You Would Need!

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort Hotel

The resort offers many different room types, perfect for couples, families, and groups of friends. The light and airy rooms are furnished with luxurious comfort and provide all the amenities you need, so you don’t have to bring yours. There are also rooms that boast a stunning view of Mt. Okenashi which can be enjoyed from large windows. Plush furnishings provide the best space to relax, the perfect escape from the city. 

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort Library

One of the more special facilities of the resort is the library. This library is filled with photo books from around the world. Grab a book from the shelf and curl onto a cozy sofa, who knows what treasures you will discover. Spend hours browsing books and find a relaxing moment, just for you. Alternatively use the library for study or quiet work. In fact, there is also a business room, seminar room and work station in the resort so why not visit for a workation (work-vacation)! What could be better than a soak in the onsen after a hard day’s work? 

Culinary Delights 

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort Restaurant

In the spring and summer months, there are two restaurants in the resort: a western-style buffet and a Japanese-style restaurant. The western-style buffet’s dishes are of excellent quality, prepared by a LOTTE group chef. Guests can also enjoy an addition of Korean food in the buffet, true to the LOTTE group roots. Local dishes such as tonjiru (pork miso soup) from Myoko, Niigata, and also Nagano are also available. For COVID-19 expansion prevention measures, the buffet currently regulates a one-tongs-per-person rule and some of the food is dished up all ready for guests to take. The Japanese-style restaurant also uses local products and some favourites include murakami gyu sukiyaki and nabe (hot pot). There are private rooms available for groups of 4 people and up who would like to enjoy a private dining setting. 

Other COVID-19 Precautions at The Resort

As well as the careful precautions in place at the restaurants, the whole hotel follows certain procedures in order to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. Everyone in the hotel is asked to wear masks and disinfect their hands while moving throughout the facility. Temperature checks are in place, and guests will be asked to identify themselves and other members of their party. Areas throughout the hotel will be ventilated and disinfected regularly. Many more precautions are in place, for more information check out the homepage

What Else Is There to Do? 

LOTTE Arai Hotel, Myoko, Niigata Ski Resort Tree

As well as the snow activities in the spring, adventure seekers can try indoor bouldering, and in summer, the largest tree adventure experience in Japan! There are many other activities available for nature lovers around the area, such as hiking through quiet mountain passes and cycling. Come and refresh your mind and body, tired from staying at home, through the energetic activities available at LOTTE. 

Spring brings the sakura cherry blossom season, which is very beautiful in April. In fact, the nearby Takada Castle is ranked in the top three best sakura-night viewing spots! There are over 4,000 sakura trees at the castle sight are these are illuminated by around 3,000 lanterns. The illuminations along with the castle reflection captured in the moat is certainly a sight to behold. 

If you like history, a visit to Kasugayama Castle Ruins might be in order. This castle is a national historic site and was the former castle of famous warrior Uesugi Kenshin.

Do you like sake? Niigata is famous for its delicious sake production. There are at least 3 different sake warehouses in the area so if you love sake, it’s the perfect place to go sake touring. 


Ready to Escape? Niigata Ski Resort is Waiting For You

LOTTE Arai Resort has so much to offer, there is something to please everyone! If you are looking for some everyday luxury, a thrill-seeking snowboard trip, or an onsen soaking, sake sipping relaxing trip, you will find it at this resort. Click here for more destinations nearby.