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Voting Abroad

By Guidable Writers Oct 8, 2015

Have you known that you can vote for your country’s national election while or before you are travelling or studying abroad?






As an example, there will be the Canadian federal election soon, 19th of October 2015.

It is really important election especially for people living in Qubek because some of them wish to be independent from Canada. (It is also important election for Japanese economics because of TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership)





The Canadian embassy in Japan admitted that people who are living, travelling in Japan can vote.
Please refer the website below


”Election(voting from abroad)”(Canada)


also, please refer,


”Government of Canada in Japan”(Canada)


There are so many instructions what to do in many situations (Eg. business in Japan, divorce etc)



Other nationalities should check website of your country’s embassy in Japan.
It will guide you to what to do when you want to vote.