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Want a Taste of Spring in 2021? Try These 5 Sakura Treats

By Guidable Authors Mar 3, 2021

Spring in Japan is the season of blooming cherry blossoms (Sakura), festivals, memories, and food delicacies. But what if all these were combined into one? That is exactly what Japan offers you in Spring with its amazing Sakura treats! 

Where Can I Get Sakura Treats?

Just when cherry blossoms start blooming in Spring, all Japanese restaurants, convenient stores, and shops introduce a collection of tasty foods and beverages made of Sakura. As unique and creative as Japan is, these Sakura flavoured foods range from cakes to after coffee mints! If you are wondering what Sakura food delicacies are awaiting you this Spring, keep reading on!

1. Starbucks Limited Edition Sakura Drinks and Sweets

picture of Starbucks sakura berry Frappuccino

Credits: photo taken by authors

Starbucks Japan always has something for every season and this year spring is no different. If you want a taste of spring in a cup, Starbucks is a great place to satisfy those taste buds while getting some great photos of these limited edition Sakura drinks. The two main Sakura drinks of the 2021 collection, the Sakura Fluffy Berry Frappuccino (¥590) and the Sakura Fluffy Berry milk Latte (¥450- ¥570) are sold in most Starbucks stores across Japan. 

If you want a slightly fancier Sakura beverage for a night out, head over to the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Nakameguro, Tokyo for some lavish Sakura themed drinks. Some of these include Sakura Macchiato (¥900), Blossoming Sakura sparkling water (¥800), Teavana Sakura cream soda (¥900), Sakura Allure Cascade (¥950), Nakameguro Port Hall Sakura (¥4200), Starbucks Reserve Sakura cask coffee (¥2000) and Ruby berry blossom cocktail (¥2000)

Need something to pair those drinks with? Starbucks offers many Sakura themed foods as well. These include Sakura Chiffon cake (¥390), Sakura donuts (¥250), Sakura and berry chocolate cookie box (¥1500) and Sakura flavoured after coffee mints (¥320).

For more information on Starbucks drinks and desserts go check out their website by clicking this link.

2. 7/11 Sakura Desserts

picture of 7/11 Sakura desserts

Credits: photo taken by authors

7/11 convenience stores in Japan are heaven for any food lover as it always has something new for you to try at an affordable price. It never fails you when it comes to Sakura inspired food either! 

They have recently introduced two delicious desserts that reflect the taste as well as the beauty of Sakura flowers. The Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding has layers of white chocolate, Sakura sauce, Sakura whipped cream, and Sakura milk pudding, blending together to give the perfect taste of Japanese Spring and the freshness it carries. The cute Sakura layered cake tastes as delicious as the first; with layers of Sakura whipped cream, sponge cake, and strawberry sauce. As these desserts are priced between ¥200 – ¥400 and available at arm’s length, this is the best way to savour the unique Sakura flavours of this season! 

3. Sakura Mochi 

picture of Sakura Mochi

Credits-  photo taken by authors

Loved by all Japanese, Sakura Mochi is one of the most popular Sakura treats available in the Japanese market. Prepared by filling a cherry blossom flavoured rice cake with red bean paste (anko) and wrapping it with pickled Sakura leaves, Sakura mochi is one dessert that is highly unique to Japan and dates back centuries

This comes in two types! If you see a flat and crepe shaped mochi, this is referred to as chomeiji and is originally from the Kanto region. The ball-shaped Sakura mochi on the other hand is called Domyouji and is from the Kansai region.

In the past, the 2 kinds of mochi were limited exclusively to the region they were from, but now it is possible to find both kinds from any supermarket, convenience store, dessert shops or street vendors!

4. Sakura Ice Cream

picture of Sakura Ice cream

Credits : photos taken by authors

Need an ice cream to welcome Spring? Then do not worry because Japan has it sorted out! When Spring begins, many convenience stores, supermarkets, and even street vendors at sightseeing places offer different ice creams combined with Sakura flavour.

If you want to immerse in the beauty of Sakura flowers while enjoying a Sakura ice cream, you can take a trip to Hitsujiyama park in Chichibu and taste the unique Sakura ice cream made by local vendors! But if it is too far away for you, go to the nearest Family Mart and grab their Sakura mochi ice cream which is a combination of rich layers of Sakura sauce, Sakura ice cream, mochi, and red bean paste. Sold at a price of not more than ¥200, this food delicacy is for all ice cream, mochi, and Sakura lovers! 

5. Other Sakura Drinks

Picture of Sakura drinks

Credits: photos taken by authors

If you are looking for other affordable Sakura drinks or in a rush and need a ready to drink alternative in spring, why not try these different Sakura Lattes :

1. Mt Rainier Caffe Latte (¥158)

Found at most convenience stores such as Lawson and Family mart or at any supermarket, this latte contains cherry blossom extract to make your latte taste all that sweeter.

2. Starbucks Sakura Latte (¥237)

Craving that Sakura Starbucks latte but need something quick and accessible? A different themed sakura latte is unveiled every year around mid-February to the end of March. The theme for 2021 is Sakura vanilla with strawberry jelly. Not to be confused though, the Starbucks ready to drink latte is not the same as the Sakura latte found at Starbucks stores as the ingredients used to prepare the drink are different.

3. Lipton Sakura tea Latte (¥128) 

A slightly bittersweet latte with hints of Sakura, this latte is common every year around the spring season. It can be found at any convenience store such as Lawson or Family Mart.

Excited to Celebrate Spring With these Sakura Treats?

With Spring around the corner and everyone getting ready to enjoy Hanami (Cherry blossom watching), the restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, as well as local vendors are bringing the spirit of Spring to their dishes through the unique Sakura flavour. Regardless of whether you are a food lover, Sakura lover, or both, these foods are a must-try as they can only be found in Japan! 

If you have tried any of these Sakura treats or if you have more to add to this list, let us know in the comments!

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