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Ways To Experience A Memorable White Day In Japan

By Devy Mar 7, 2022

March 14th, or White Day as it is known in Japan, is a day awaited by those who gave chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and in Japan, Valentine’s day is traditionally a day on which girls confess their feelings to boys that they like. 

White Day Japan – What is it?

However, March 14th is the other way around! It is the time for the recipient to answer confessions made on February 14th and give back what they received on Valentine’s day. 

March 14th, called White Day in Japan, comes one month after Valentine’s day and is a fantastic day for couples and partners in Japan. 

This year, make White Day more memorable and give your loved one the best experience of the year! 

Guidable has some suggestions for taking your White Day celebrations to another level and making your day much more exciting and memorable! 

1. Go For a Mountain Drive! 

Since giving back chocolates is already expected, what about taking your loved one on a mountain drive and confessing at the end of your ride! 

white day japan, valentines day, date, romance

Photo credit: Canva

There are already likely many routes on your bucket list, but for White Day, we recommend Mount Takao! 

Mount Takao is one of the closest mountains to Tokyo, located only 30 minutes away from Hachioji in western Tokyo. 

Here, you can also enjoy hiking as a way to prepare for a confession with a touch of adrenaline. 

To have a more romantic sense of art, you can try the ropeway that takes you to the top of the mountain! 

Taking pictures or holding hands with the beautiful scenery below will no doubt be a memorable experience, and maybe that will be the right time to confess each other’s feelings and celebrate your official lover’s day! 

2. Make A Fancy Dining Experience At Home

Instead of taking them to an expensive, fancy fine dining experience, they may be more impressed with your homemade cooking! 

To make your date even better, try putting up a few lovely decorations just to show your excitement that your partner is coming! 

As a result, they will likely very much value your effort in setting up the most romantic environment you can. 

white day japan, valentines day, date, romance

Photo credit: Chan Walrus (Pexels)

And while taking them out to a fancy meal might be classy, showing them that you care by providing a romantic environment and preparing things yourself will give them the impression that you care. 

In addition, you can also show that you care by serving your loved ones’ favorite foods without asking in advance. This is another way to show your love and respect – simplicity at its finest! 

3. Have a Picnic

Having a romantic picnic is another simple thing you can do with your loved ones. 

Spending your White Day with your lover will be much more enjoyable if spent outdoors, under a tree on top of a beautiful picnic rug. 

Parks, beaches, or places that you usually visit with your partner are great for your list. 

white day japan, valentines day, date, romance

Photo credit: Pexels, Olya Kobruseva

At the beginning of March, the temperature will begin to get warmer, and sakura trees will bloom meaning that White Day will usually fall on a perfect sunny day under a cool, calming breeze! 

With the right supplies, including some exciting and fun games, coupled with a romantic environment, it will become a very memorable day where you can confess your feelings and give back what they have given you on Valentine’s Day!

4. Memorable Boat Ride

A romantic atmosphere can also be built on a boat ride or a typical swan ride around a lake! 

One of the most famous ones for doing this is Inokashira Park, where you can enjoy sitting on a goose boat together with your partner. Here, you can get a look at the beauty of the lake surrounded by the sakura trees in bloom.

Holding hands and talking with your partner, or taking cute photos on a boat will become a memorable experience of quality time spent with whoever you are with, which you will not forget for the rest of your life. 

white day japan, valentines day, date, romance

Photo credit: Pexels, Ron Lach 

As a tip: Don’t forget to use touching or romantic words to flatter them even more! 

Also, giving gifts is one thing you cannot miss out on if you want to make sure to return the sentiment you received on Valentine’s Day! 

Have You Made Up Your Mind On What to Do For A Memorable White Day in Japan? 

If you are given something of value on Valentine’s Day and want to give back, you can turn your gift into a different show of love. 

And, if for you, exchanging chocolates has become too routine, it is time to give your lover a beautiful, memorable impression on another level! 

You could also start with the simple thing of giving your partner your own homemade chocolate! Although it is common for women to do the same, this is a simple thing that is rarely done by men in Japan and will really make them fall in love even more.

One thing to remember – memorable things don’t have to start with something expensive, and simplicity is worth a lot! 

Be gentle and show your love to your partner this White day. It is time to return the sentiment! 

Devy Mufliha,


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