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What does a single guy do in Japan during Christmas?

By Guidable Writers Nov 28, 2017

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As you all know, Christmas is a season for lover in Japan. You will not survive Christmas in Japan if you don’t have a girlfriend in Japan.

There is a word called ‘Kuri-botch’ in Japanese. It means ‘being alone in Christmas Day’. For many Japanese people, not having a Japanese girlfriend is the most pathetic thing in the world. Many Japanese believes that there is no reason for you to live if you don’t have a girlfriend during Christmas. There are many business in Japan target those who does not have a girlfriend in Japan in Christmas Day; for example, some singers hold a concert that are only open for guys. That means that they are providing a place for all single man in Japan.

Today, I am going to talk about how single man are spending their Christmas, with few interesting facts about Christmas in Japan.

‘Being alone in Christmas’ is a big matter for all Japanese. Here are some facts about Christmas in Japan.


History of Christmas in Japan

You might be curious about how Christmas in Japan became a festival for lovers.

In the 1960s-1970s, Christmas is a festival for children. But according to a Japanese writer Hori Kenichiro, as some fashion magazine began to write about how to spend Christmas with lover, more and more people began to consider Christmas as a festival for lovers.


There are more single Woman than single Man!

According to a analysis which is done last year, statistic shows that there are more female who are single than single male.

It is said that there are 783male who tweets about ‘Kuri-botchi’ , and there are 1388female who tweets about ‘Kuri-botchi. As you can see from the result, the number of female who are experiencing ‘Kuri-botchi’ far exceeds that of male.

This result was a bit unexpected for me because there are more single Japanese guys complaining about their current situation, but on the internet, it seems that there are more females that are tweeting about ‘Kurt-botchi’.


So, What does a single Japanese guy does during Christmas?

Being alone in Christmas can be a big issue for many Japanese, but what are they doing during Christmas when they are not able to find a girl?

Those guys who are single, will go to the supermarket before the Christmas season starts, and try to buy as many foods as possible.

Why they do so, is because they are trying to store the foods so they won’t need to go out from their room on the Christmas Day.

I think it is common for people from other country to spend Christmas with their family, but in Japan we don’t have such culture. People will go out with their lover, and if they don’t have one, they will just stay in their room. How pathetic it is!


They often gather together

These pathetic guys often get together, and celebrate Christmas together. There are many ‘Kuri-Botch Kai’ (Meeting for singles in Christmas) where all the single friends get together and have fun.

This is more common for girls. They will have ‘Christmas Jyoshi-Kai’ (meeting for girls), even though they are doing this  for the whole year.

Sometimes when the singles get together, they will began to date somebody who are in the same group, and some will be left behind. These poor guys will need to suffer another year of loneliness.


They sometimes go to matching parties

Some single Japanese guys will want to change their current situation by randomly picking up a girl to date. These couple would not last long because they date just because they want to get through Christmas.

Some of them will go to Christmas Matching Parties that are held by some companies.

Matching Parties are the parties that are organized for single man and woman to get together to find their potential lovers.


Spending Christmas alone is very pathetic in Japan!

If you are planning to spend Christmas in Japan alone, it would be really painful, because everything you see during Christmas seasons are related  to couples. Therefore, you have to get a Japanese girlfriend if you want to spend a good time during Christmas in Japan. For more information, please feel free to contact us through the comment box below, we are here to answer any questions about Christmas in Japan! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!