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What Japanese girls like about foreign guys

By Guidable Writers Nov 5, 2016

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Each country has a different way of expressing love, and each man has a different way of expressing love. Here are some things that Japanese girls like about foreign men or are dreaming about.


1. We love flowers

No girl dislikes flowers. We love even just a flower. When we watch American movies and a guy gives a flower to a woman when he has a first date with her, we envy those girls and want to be the girl.

Your lady is going to be touched if you give her a flower or a bunch of flowers. The next one is preffered, of course!


2. Show of affection in public

Japanese people are generally shy. They do neither kiss nor hold each other tightly outside. However, it would be great that you sometimes can do it to your girlfriend in public. They may feel embarrassed, but at the same time, they feel special.

If you are a person who hugs tightly all of sudden when you express your excitement, you should tell her in advance and she will allow you to do so. We are just not used to it 😉



3. Lady first

I personally don’t like the concept of “lady first” ,but , however, many girls like “lady first” behaviour from their foreign boyfriends. Some Japanese men follow this, but not as smart as foreign men. Japanese girls watch lots of American romantic movies and are dreaming “Some day I want a nice foreign guy who is like that…” You can make one of her dreams come true!





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