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What Japanese Girls look for in a Guy

By Guidable Writers Apr 11, 2017

Today let’s take a look at what Japanese girls look for in a guy. What do they require for their boyfriend? What kind of men do they think attractive? Do you like Japanese girls? Here are some tips for you.

1) Gentleman

Japanese girls like guys with kindly heart who can also read between the lines. Guys who can tell what the conversation partner hopes them to do without words and can respond to him/her look very attractive. You would say, “Without words what will I know?!” Yes, you are absolutely right. Well, Japanese people are used to feeling the atmosphere in daily life so they do it more or less unconsciously, and that means they expect you to do the same. But wait! It doesn’t mean being “nice” to everyone is the solution. It can rather cause unnecessary misunderstandings, so if you already have someone, be careful and treat her right and special.

2) Man with potential

Until a few decades ago, there was a word “San-koh”, meaning three high quality aspects that Japanese girls hope for in their future husband. These three are high academic background (degree), high income, and high body height. This wish list is less popular these days, but many girls still like men with potential, such as a permanent job of good income or a famous company. They consider good education is necessary to get a nice permanent job with generous income, so they see if you have the potential for that state or at least you have a specific goal in the future. In Japan many people go to university or college right after graduating from high school, and changing a job is not so popular. That’s why Japanese girls can’t understand your situation if you don’t have a clear plan of further education or a permanent job in the near future. They would feel insecure if you can’t explain your life plan clearly. I recommend you to be prepared for her question on your future plan! Her anxiety is understandable in a way especially if you have to go back to your home country soon.

3) Man who can manage household chores

Guys like girls who can well manage household chores, and lately Japanese girls also tend to like guys who can take care of themselves. Maybe Japanese guys are not as cooperative as guys with other nationalities in household tasks, but it’s slowly changing. It’s getting natural Japanese husbands share the family chores with their partner. Nowadays women keep working after marriage or having a baby in Japan, so they expect their partner to share the households.

If you are very good at household tasks, there might be some times you want to complain about her cooking and so on, but Don’t! Complaining about her cooking is one of the worst you could do unless she asks you for the real opinion. Instead, say “You are a good cook” even to burnt toast! Girls are a bit complicated. They want their partner to manage households, but at the same time, they always want to be better than men in that area…

Well, here were 3 main characters Japanese girls like in a guy. Did you enjoy them? They also like guys with same interests that they can share fun times together. Many girls like guys with a lot of humor also. Girls in Kansai area especially loves to laugh! You can use this article as a useful reference, but every girl has her own ideal man in the end. Why don’t you have conversations with them and find out their ideal man? Maybe you will find out interesting results!