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Boost your relationship with Japanese girl!

By Guidable Writers Oct 20, 2017

When you have a relationship with a Japanese girl, you might want to understand her more and get closer to her, but the culture barrier might make it complicated for you to take action. From a Japnanese perspective, I would suggest that those who want to build a stronger connection to their girlfriend to prepare a small gift as a surprise for her. You migjht  already thought about a gift for long time but have no idea of what type of gift to choose or do not really know if it is suitable for a Japanese girl? In the following, let me show you some points to keep in mind:

1. Japanese girls do not expect big surprises

When you want to do something for your Japanese girlfriend to make her happy, you begin with searching for what you should give her. However, most Japanese girls do not put so much value on what presents they can receive or how expensive the present is, but rather, they want to see how much you love them and hope you show it in some way, meaning that your surprise doesn’t necessarily need to be a grandiose project.


So how does your girlfriend sense your love for her? The answer is when you show you care about her feelings. Especially when you are a busy guy who did not really have much time to spent with her, a  surprise as compensation is the best way to make your Japanese girl feel happy. As a result, the bond between you and her should become stronger than before.

2.What you should do?

Now you understand a basic idea behind giving a gift as surprise to your girlfriend, let’s see what types of surprise can lead you to success effectively:

A gift of flower

A flower gift sounds pretty ordinary and sometimes even boring, but this way of surprise has been used for many years for its unique effectiveness. You might have already sent her flowers in the past, but when was the last time exactly? If you haven’t sent any flower to her before, now is time for it. Even if it is not a special day for you two, a flower can definitely make her day and sense your love from the heart!

Cook her a special dinner/meal

A big dinner at fancy restaurant for a special day might be the safest choice, but a self-prepared dinner/meal from you might outperform the former. It does not matter how well you can cook, the point is you take time and consideration for prepare something special for her and how much she can feel your love through it. If you like to cook and already do the cooking every day, you could try the type of dishes which you have not cooked before; if you’ve never cooked for her before, your girlfriend must be really surprised and feel your strong passion.

3.Would she really like it or just you think she’d like it?

If you want to give her a big surprise like taking a trip without telling her in advance, here are some suggestions before start planning:

It is very important to think thoroughly about if the surprise is appropriate for her. When she already has lots of work to do and feels so tired from her work, she might not want to go out even if it was an unexpected plan going for nice warm holiday in Hawaii or Guam.

Time also matters, if you choose a wrong moment, it might surprise her in anegative way that she feels disappointed and the relationship might go worse.

To keep a good relationship with your Japanese girlfriend, care for her in daily life works much better than build something grandiose to surprise her!