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Where to Go If You Miss The Last Train Home

By Emma Saragai Nov 11, 2021

Maybe you missed the last train home and don’t know what to do, or perhaps you wanted to stay out later, but you’re looking for a place to kill time for a few hours (we’ve all been there!). The question now is, ‘what do I do?’

Here are a few places you can spend a few hours (or the whole night) if you’ve missed the last train home and are looking for something to do.

I’ve Missed the Last Train, Where Should I go?

Internet Cafe/Manga Cafe

missed last train, shuuden, manga cafe, internet cafe

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If you’re looking for somewhere to spend the whole night, one of the best places to do this is an internet cafe or manga cafe! Aside from providing access to the internet, many internet cafes in Japan offer a range of facilities including things like karaoke, hot meal services, darts, and gaming rooms. Some of them even have massage chairs where you can relax while watching TV!

When you go for the first time, you will likely be asked for a one-time membership fee, however, this is usually around ¥2000-¥3000. Considering the range of facilities available, I’d definitely say it’s worth it, especially if you go more than once! 

Aside from offering a space to hang out, most internet and manga cafes also offer places to sleep. This space is usually a small cubicle curtained off from view with a computer and a mat, however, this can include beds, gaming chairs & more!

What’s more, one of the biggest internet cafes, kaikatsu club (快活クラブ ), offers a women-only area for those who prefer the comfort of sleeping in a women-only area.


missed last train, shuuden, karaoke, japan

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Next on the list is karaoke. Many karaoke lounges offer a variety of packages and discounts depending on how long you spend there. Like most internet cafes, many karaoke places may ask you to register if it’s your first time there, so make sure to bring some ID with you.

Most karaoke clubs also offer a range of food and drink services. Although smaller karaoke clubs may be limited to snacks like popcorn or ice cream, larger karaoke clubs will offer a full range of snacks and hot meals. 

As well as food and drink services, most karaoke places offer free Wi-Fi and places to charge your electrics, so you can be sure that your phone is charged when you wake up!

One of the most well-known karaoke clubs in Japan is Big Echo. In addition to karaoke, they have begun to rent karaoke rooms out as remote workspaces and movie rooms. What’s more, they now offer a luggage storage service through a company called ecbo cloak. Instead of using a coin locker at the nearest station, you can leave your luggage at the nearest Big Echo whilst enjoying a night of karaoke (or sleep!).

Please keep in mind, however, that whilst most karaoke places stay open to 05:00 am or operate 24 hours, some karaoke places close earlier than this, so it’s best to check beforehand. 

Love Hotel

missed last train, love hotel, japan, shuuden

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When you hear ‘love hotel’, you may imagine a grungy motel that is only active in the dead of night. However, far from being that, they are actually a good option for those who need somewhere last-minute to crash or for those who want to experience something different!

The good thing about love hotels is you have the option to just turn up at any time without a booking or and no set check-in time, making it easy for those who need somewhere last-minute to stay.

Recently, with an increase in the number of people living alone, many love hotels, especially in rural areas have seen fewer customers, which has encouraged many of them to take a different approach toward attracting guests. Now, many love hotels offer special packages for events such as birthday parties or women’s retreats, making it a great option for group travellers.

One thing to be wary of when trying to use a love hotel, however, is that many have a rule against all-male groups entering together unless there is at least one woman in the group.

Capsule Hotel

missed last train, capsule hotel, japan, shuuden

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Capsule hotels are a great option for those who want something without the frills and fuss. They offer more privacy than an internet or manga cafe whilst still being wallet-friendly.

If you are travelling with luggage, you will usually be provided with a locker to store your things, which means you can feel some peace of mind.

Unlike some of the other options we’ve given, many capsule hotels tend to be rather basic, offering only the most basic amenities; a socket, a place to sleep and a shower. However, this doesn’t mean that you are limited to these options! There are also capsule hotels with manga libraries, onsen and restaurants!

For those women who prefer women-only spaces, there are also capsule hotels that cater just to women, such as the Akihabara Bay Hotel.


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Somewhere perhaps a bit less obvious to stay are the local onsen and sento; onsen are communal baths that use natural volcanic spring water, whilst sento simply use heated tap water, although some add their own minerals. Both can be found all over Japan, including in rural areas, and many of these operate 24 hours a day; this is especially true of larger onsen and sento.

Many are also equipped with a resting room where you can take a small nap after a long soak. In some cases, onsen may have amenities such as hair straighteners or rental make-up sets, so you feel refreshed in the morning after a full night out and about!

Sento, and especially super sento, which are a kind of health spa, are great for those looking to relax after the stress of missing the last train. Super sento usually offer services such as massage chairs, sauna and restaurants, so they are the perfect places to rest your weary body after a long day.

What’s more, they are also great places to interact with the locals!

Last Train Blues Are No More!

Although you may have missed the last train home, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t panic and wonder what you’re going to do, and instead try going to one of these great overnight experiences!


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