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What Do Japanese Guys Find Attractive?

By Guidable Writers Apr 17, 2017

Romance is fun and also complicated at the same time. Today let’s focus on Japanese guys. What kind of girls do they like? What do Japanese guys find attractive? Here are some tips for you!

What Do Japanese Guys Find Attractive

What Do Japanese Guys Find Attractive? 5 Points to Keep in Mind

1) Appearance

For guys, appearance is quite important. Girls who look healthy, have a smooth skin and silky shiny hair always attracts guys. Japanese guys will be completely lured by those with a sweet and charming smile! Let’s go to bed early from tonight to keep your healthy-looking charm!

Japanese guys also like humble girls with natural make-up. They, of course, love outstanding girls in a very short skirt, low-cut top, and high heel shoes but not for a long term relationship. Many rather choose a natural looking humble girl for their lifetime partner.

2) Scent

Guys like girls with a good scent. Sometimes they even fall in love with a girl just because she smells nice. The scent is as important as appearance. Japanese guys especially like floral, soap, and soft citrus fragrance. Many say shampoo flavor floating out from a girl is quite nice. Soft aroma rather than strongly scented perfume is preferred here.

When you go to a Shushi restaurant, the strong scent will destroy delicate Shishi flavor, so I recommend you to put on less or no fragrance.

What Do Japanese Guys Find Attractive

3) Don’t Interrupt His Story

Guys generally like bragging when with girls and want recognition by them. Japanese guys are not the exception. They feel happy and comfortable if a girl in front of them listens to their story sincerely. Girls that can even laugh at their story will catch guys’, heart!

Guys like talking about themselves and show their good points to you, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want girls to talk much. The Balance between listening and talking is important. Guys can get bored if you don’t talk much but interrupting their conversation make them unhappy.

Let’s think of this balance during conversations, then it wouldn’t take long till they notice how fun and comfortable to be with you! You are already in his heart at this point.

4) “The Way to Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach”

It’s well said. Yummy food grabs guys’ heart and doesn’t let him easily go away. Girls that are good at cooking or baking tend to attract guys. Guys would say, “It doesn’t matter if she is a good cook or not”. But don’t trust them! Everyone prefers dinner table with delicious food waiting for us, especially when being tired after work. Attitude can’t tell a lie…

What Do Japanese Guys Find Attractive

5) Eager-Beaver

Guys like helping girls who are always making effort to get better. A good example is a new employee trying to learn work soon. Things don’t always go so smooth for her, but she doesn’t show a tired face. Such attitude moves guys’ heart and they want to help and protect her. Guys are simple in a way.

What Do Japanese Guys Find Attractive: The List Goes On!

Aside from these five points, there are many other characteristics that Japanese guys might find attractive. Hope this can help you keeping a good relationship with Japanese guys. Enjoy and have a relaxing time in Japan.