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Yasukuni Shrine @ Kudanshita station

By Guidable Writers Jan 6, 2016

Kudanshita station.

This station is metro station of Tokyo and can go directly from Shibuya and Shinjuku station.


Rarely, 2 Starbucks are found near the station, within 1 min walk.

The writer doubt about the station “If this indicates something, what that is?”


There is very special fact.


The closest station in from the Yasukuni shrine( 靖國神社 ).

KIMG2522 (After going through main gate. No one walks in the centre because centre is the “God’s pass”.)

Yasukuni shirine is drawing international attention, especially China and Korea, by the visiting of the Japanese Prime Minister.


(Shinmon (神文): the gate of God)

Normally, shrine is the place to worship the gods, e.g. the god of the ocean, the god of the place etc, to make a wish or to show appreciation that they could have been living safely and happily.


However, Yasukuni shrine deify people who died in the war, national incident, national military scene.


(original main shirine [right beside the present main shrine])

From the end of Edo period to the Pacific war, there are 2,466,584 hashira(means unit of god). Which means 2,466,584 people died during national mission or in the scene which after all changed the national occasion.


This is the opinion of the writer. In this shrine, I always show my appreciation. I never made for a wish.

It is quite hard to judge by hearing this fact only in one time. Due to, people who deified here is “future maker”. Because, it is something never happens anymore, and very scary, but “What now is like, if they didn’t die?”



(looking towards present front shrine from original main shrine)

So that, a words we say to them would be “I really want to appreciate for providing us past and now”.


If you visit Yasukuni shirine with deep information, you can get special energy. Lacking of information about those shirine, your time in life would be wasted,

Special energy in the Yasukuni Shrine is from the country which has lasted for 2,000years.


(how to make a wish and show appreciation)