KOFU – The Place to Refresh Your Mind

Apr 10, 2016

KOFU – The Place to Refresh Your Mind


I have been living in Japan for almost 2 years now. One of the place that always have a memorable part in my life about Japanese culture is Kofu. I came to Japan with really basic Japanese language capability meanwhile in Kofu not many people could speak English. So, when I was learning Japanese, it really pushed me in a positive way to learn Japanese as well as I can.

Kofu is a city located in Yamanashi prefecture. It is so far we only know of Mount Fuji as a place to visit in Yamanashi Prefecture, however it would be better to take a moment to go to Kofu city. You could go there by bus , take kotsu basu in Shinjuku. The ticket price is 1800 yen for one way round and 3000 yen for two way round (weekday), but for weekend the ticket is around 4,000 yen two way round. Unlike Tokyo, that is extremely crowded, within around 3 hours by bus, we will find a city that presents a new scene. The city atmosphere is quiet, beautiful and there is also a history that can make our minds open about the other side of Japan.

When visiting Kofu, try to visit some of these places such as :



Kofu Central Library

(image by Annisa Dwi Kanya)


Yamanashi Perfectural Art Museum

(image by Annisa Dwi Kanya)


Takeda Shrine

(image by Annisa Dwi Kanya)


Meizuru Castle

(image by Annisa Dwi Kanya)

If we want to try another way to refresh our mind as a student outside Tokyo, Kofu is one of the best answer I could find.

Annisa Dwi Kanya




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