[How to enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan]Easy way to increase experience points when playing Pokemon Go

Jul 24, 2016

Pokemon Go has been finally released as well in Japan since last Friday.

You can find so many people playing it here and there on the streets. Meanwhile if you want to hit a ground running, you need to gain the experience points.

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[Reference: http://www.lifehacker.jp/2016/07/160720pokemon_beginners_guide.html]


How? Firstly, you need “XP”.

You can get “XP” when …

  1. You get a Pokemon
  2. You get a Pkemon stop
  3. You challenge a match at the Gym
  4. You evolve your Pokemon

In these 4 tips, let’s pay attention to “Evolve the Pokemon”.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-24 14.15.42[Reference: http://www.lifehacker.jp/2016/07/160720pokemon_beginners_guide.html]

You can gain 500XP when you make an evolution. 
And what is more, “Lucky Egg” makes your XP double in 30 minutes. You can buy “Lucky Egg” with Poke Coins or you will receive after your level becomes around 10.

Let’s aim to evolve the Pokemon’s which require less candies like “Pidgey”,”Weedle” and “Caterpie”. (They needs 12 candies to evolve.)

What you need is to find the place to be able to meet those Pokemon like Pidgey, get them as many as you can and evolve them all using “Lucky Egg”! Then, you will gain 10000 XP or more at once and you can grow level quickly!

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[Reference: http://www.lifehacker.jp/2016/07/160720pokemon_beginners_guide.html]

Please try this out!






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