5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a Cozy Afternoon Tea

Jul 20, 2017

Have you ever heard of “Animal Therapy”? Touching or looking at animals have a tremendous effect on people.  First is the physiological effect on humans which reduces the blood pressure and cholesterol level. Second is the psychological effect which reduces anxiety and boosts overall wellbeing and third is the social effect which serves as a lubricant for people to get together easily.

There are interesting animal-themed cafes in Tokyo, quaint places where you can have nice desserts and drinks, while playing with cute animals during your date. There are several kinds of animal cafes such as cat, owl, hedgehog, dog, bunny, etc. Here are 5 interesting animal-themed cafes in Tokyo. If you’re new in Japan or you’re here for a visit, don’t miss these animal-themed cafes.


5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a cozy Afternoon Tea



1. Cat (MoCHA at Shibuya)

5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a cozy Afternoon Tea

If you need a spacious place for your date, try checking out this place. This shop opened last July 2015 and it has since been famous. It has big windows and the rooms are huge with stylish designs so you can get that instragrammable shot. You can also spend time relaxing while in the presence of these feline creatures.


<Shop Information>

Shop Name: Cat Cafe MoCHA
Address: Asolty Shibuya 8F,9F, 32-12, Utagawacho, Shibuyaku, Tokyo,150-0042
* You can see Lawson convenient store in 1F.
TEL: 03-6455-3503
Access: (JR) Shibuya Station with 5 min walk.
Open Hour: 10:00-22:00 (L.O.21:30)
Price: 200 yen/10 min (500 yen for all-you-can-drink)
Price Average: 1200 yen



2. Owl (Forest of Owl at Akihabara)

5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a cozy Afternoon Tea


Are you a harry potter fan? Owl are calm creatures of the night. Time would seem to lie still if you will try to look and observe them. You would feel like you’re in a real forest once you enter this cafe and you can witness about 20- 30 owls inhabiting there. Since owls are nocturnal creatures, it would be best to visit this place during the night as they will be active in the evening.


<Shop Information>

Shop Name: Forest of Owl
Address: Ninomiya Dembo Building 2F, 1-39-11, Asakusa, Taitoku, Tokyo, 111-0032
TEL: 090-2530-2960
Access: (Ginza Line) Asakusa Station with 6 min walk
Open Hour: 10:00-20:00
Price: 890 yen for entrance fee (1 drink free service)
Price Average: 890 yen



3. Hedgehog (Cafe HARRY)

5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a cozy Afternoon Tea


Do you know that hedgehog’s facial expressions resembles that of a human?Hedgehogs makes you feel at ease. They can smile, yawn, and other cute expressions. Are you scared of their sharp prickles? Don’t worry, you can wear thick gloves before you touch them hedgehogs so you won’t get hurt.


<Shop Information>

Shop Name: Cafe HARRY
Address: IWAHORI Building 2F, 6-7-2, Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo, 106-0032
TEL: 03-3404-8100
Access: (Hibiya Line) Roppongi Station Exit 3 with 1 min walk.
Open Hour: 12:00-20:00 (L.O.19:30)
Price: 1,400 yen/30min, 2,800 yen-/60min, 1,400 yen/extension charge
Need to stay in the shop at least 1 hour.
Outside food and drinks are OK. Need in advance reservation.
Price Average: 1,400 yen~3,000 yen



4. Dogs (DOG HEART at Yoyogi Park)

5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a cozy Afternoon Tea















They are a man’s best friend! I bet most people would like to be around them since these animals are so playful. If you love dogs but don’t want to have the burden of keeping a pet at home, then don’t worry because you can visit these cafe and have a good time. You can walk these pets outside if you wish to. Although the price is a little expensive, you can have the pleasure of walking around the park with a cute dog of your choice. You can drink and eat with these pets while walking around the park.


<Shop Information>

Shop Name: DOG HEART from Aquamarine
Address: Y’s Park Building 2F, 1-45-2, Tomigaya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, 151-0063
TEL: 03-3469-4115
Access: (Chiyoda Line) Yoyogikoen Station Exit 2 with 2 min walk
Open Hour: 11:00-19:00
□Open Area for Touching the Dogs
950 yen/30 min, 1,550 yen/1 hour, 300yen/ extension 15 min
□Rental Price
3,600 yen/1 hour for any kinds of dogs, 500 yen/ extension 15 min
Price Average: 950 yen~4,000 yen



5. Bunny (Cafe Mignon at Kichijyoji)

5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a cozy Afternoon Tea


Bunnies have charm with their “Fluffy furs” which attracts many people. The concept of this cafe is “People can spend time in a relaxing spot”. Try playing with these cuties together with your date!


<Shop Information>

Shop Name: Cafe Mignon
Address: Momiji Building 3F, 1-11-2, Minamicho, Kichijyoji, Musashinoshi, Tokyo, 180-0003
TEL: 0422-26-7972
Access: (Keio Line) Kichijyoji Station Exit South with 3 min walk
Open Hour: 11:30-20:00
□Open Area for Touching the Bunnies
・Weekday: 300 yen/15 min
・Weekend & National Holiday: 400 yen/10 min
□Food & Drinks
You can have French toast, Pasta, quick meal, sweets, soft drinks or alcohol.
The eating space is different from the bunnies’ area but after enjoying with bunnies,
you can enjoy your lunch or dinner.
Price Average: 1,000yen~2,000 yen

5 Animal-themed Cafes in Tokyo for a cozy Afternoon Tea



All five cafes are located in Tokyo and can easily be accessed so you can also look around other spots in Tokyo for sightseeing as well.








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