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[How to enjoy “Pokemon Go” in Japan] How to play Pokemon Go?

By Guidable Writers Aug 10, 2016

Pokemon Go has become the most popular mobile game in the U.S, and Pokemon Go has been finally launched in Japan now. Many Japanese people, especially Pokemon fans are looking forward to play, but how can we play Pokemon Go?

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon go is one of the most popular mobile apps. You can find Pokemons on your mobile map and go find and get them. You can also find Gyms to battle with other Pokemons there. As you know, Pokemon Go is a completely different game from the series of Pokemons games for the Game boy, which is developed by Nintendo. Pokemon Go is developed by Niantic for a mobile game and it looks like location-based game “ingress” which is also developed by Niantic. It is the main purpose of Pokemon Go to get Pokemons as much as you can around you. Your Pokemons also gain experience points and may transform into more stronger Pokemons through battles and defeat your opponents. You can also get medals if you go to the Gyms in Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is just a mobile app, but it is deeply related to our real life, you can play Pokemon Go with trainers all over the world and cooperate with them.

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How much does it cost if we play Pokemon Go?

You can play Pokemon Go basically for free, but you will need to pay money for some items in Pokemon Go world if you wanted. For example, you can buy “times” in Pokemon Go. It means you don’t have to walk around or wait for finding Pokemons beside you. If you defeat your opponents through battles, you can earn some coins. You can buy some items, such as Poke Balls by the coins. If you don’t want to pay any money for them, you don’t need to do it.

How to get Pokemon Go app?

You can get Pokemon Go by iPones or some Androids. But please don`t get Pokemon Go by unofficial websites because it is possible to get infected viruses by these unsafe websites.   

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(Reference: https://jooy.jp/)

You can choose two accounts for Pokemon Go

You need to get your Google account or “Pokemon trainer club account” for playing Pokemon Go. There is no difference between Google account and “Pokemon trainer club account”. And also you don’t have to use your own Gmail name when you play Pokemon Go and new username for Pokemon Go is available. Please don`t use your own real name or specific information which relates to yourself for Pokemon Go account. And also it is possible to identify yourself where you are, you should not use photo sharing on Pokemon Go as possible as you can.

How to play Pokmeon Go?

You can play Pokemon Go everywhere if you want. You need to go find and get nearby Pokemons on the map around you. If you success to track them, your phone will be noticed you by vibration and let’s get Pokemons by Poke Balls. You can capture new Pokemons by just holding and throwing Poke Balls on the phone by your fingertip against them. Pokemons will be escaped if you failed. You can also collect items, such as Poke Balls and eggs by Pokestops which is blue icons on your map. Pokestops are located in select places, such as historical markers, monuments and installations. If you can find Pokestops with the showering pink petals on the map, it is a great chance for every Pokemon trainer to capture new Pokemons because all Pokemons nearby the Pokestop are possible to lure by the effect. It is called Lure Mordules in the game, every trainer can use the items at all Pokestops and luring and increasing the amount of Pokemons around them. 

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(Reference: http://pokemongo.biz/)

Gym battles

Battles in Pokemon Go are occurring just in the Pokemon Gyms besides you. You will have to participate in three teams, Valtor (Red), Mystic (Blue) and Instict (yellow) if you want to battle in the Pokemon Gyms. Basically, there are no differences above three teams, so you can choose whatever you want. However, you won’t be able to participate in the Pokemon Gym until you’ll reach level 5. It is possible you’ll reach level 5 soon if you captured Pokemons, so don’t worry about it. You can find Pokemon Gyms on your map just like Pokestops and you have to protect your own Gym or team by enemy attacks. Of course, you can challenge and battle with your rivals if you want. Also, you can get Pokecoins if you win or defend your Gym every battle.