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5 Must-go Holiday Destinations During Summer in Japan

By Yae Jul 6, 2017


Did you already make your plan this summer holidays?
If you’re foreigner who live in Japan, maybe you’re getting excited to make your plan how to spend summer holidays coming soon.
There are several places you can enjoy in Japan with great ocean views, or with a cool weather for surviving the hot summer.
For example, places like Okinawa, Hokkaido, Seto Inland Sea, Fuji Mountain, Izu etc.


Here are 5 popular destination in Japan for you to spend your summer holidays.
Time is clicking to decide where to go? Let’s see if you can find one.


1. Okinawa


3 words to describe summer Okinawa.

1. Fantastic Ocean Views
2. Hot Nice Weather
3. Spectacular Food

Even Japanese people love to visit Okinawa especially the summer season with above reason.
Since there are nice beaches, you can enjoy “Beach Resort” here feel like you’re in foreign country.
Here are 2 high recommend spots in Okinawa.


1. Minnajima Island

It’s located just 1.5km away from the main island of Okinawa and convenient access with 15 min by high-speed craft
from main island of Okinawa,Toguchi Port.
People say, “Croissant Island” since the island shape is like croissant and it’s an island of pristine wilderness.
Only about 40 people living in this island but around 60,000 tourists visit this place to see the white beaches
and the beautiful blue ocean which you can see the undersea so clearly.
You can enjoy marine sports such as snorkeling and diving.


2. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium


You can enjoy Okinawa even in bad weather in this place.
You can see the huge whale shark and Manta alfredi which was bred successfully for the first time in the world.
It’s very stunning to see the huge water tank with beautiful creatures.
You can access 2 hours by car from Naha Airport.


Enjoying the beach, cooling off in the aquarium, having fabulous Okinawa dinner with Okinawa liquor Aawamori.
Sounds very attractive, right?


2. Hokkaido


3 words to describe summer Hokkaido.

1. Fantastic Landscape View
2. Summer Retreat
3. Spectacular Food Especially Sushi

If you can’t stand with the summer heat in Japan, Hokkaido is the best place to spend time cooling down your heat.
Here are 2 high recommend spots in Hokkaido.


1. Lavender field in Furano


The best season to see the lavender field called “Farm Tomita” is from early in July to the end of July in Furano.
It takes about 2 hours 30 min from Sapporo to Nakafurano station to see this spot and little bit far but worth to see this rainbow color flower field.
You can also enjoy lavender flavor ice cream or enjoy shopping for lavender soup, etc.


2. Night view from Mt.Hakodate


Do you know that night view you can see from Mt.Hakodate, people say it’s “The Million Doller Night View”
and very famous spot you can’t miss?
Use the ropeway to climb this mountain and you can enjoy the fantastic view.
There is a restaurant in a view so having dinner with magnificent view would be very romantic.


Hokkaido is very huge land and takes a time for hopping different areas but if you can have long summer vacation
and maybe rent a car, you can enjoy stop by several Hokkaido areas with no rush.
Don’t you think it’s lucky to have long journey?


3.Seto Inland Sea


3 words to describe summer Seto Inland Sea.

1. Beautiful Islands
2. Cycling Best Spot
3. The Longest Bridge in the World

If you would like to enjoy nice island hopping with cycling, you must check this spot.
It’s located in the middle of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu so need to fly about 2 hours to get this area from Tokyo.
Here are 2 high recommend spots in Seto Inland Sea.


1. Awaji Island


This is the island located east part of Seto Inland Sea and it’s almost the same size as Singapore.
There you can see the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge which is the longest bridge in the entire world and it’s 3911m long.
People call this bridge as “Pearl Bridge” since the bridge looks connected with white pearl.


2. Shimanami Kaido

If you love cycling, how about rent bicycles and enjoy cycling with sea breeze across the bridge?
Setouchi himanami Kaido Expressway, links Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, with Imabari,
Ehime Prefecture links with bridge so perfect location for cycling.


Even in hot summer, you feel very refreshed by cycling along this bridge and also stay healthy as sports.


4.Fuji Mountain

3 words to describe summer Mt. Fuji.

1. Symbol of Japan (the biggest mountain in Japan)
2. The Best Season for Mountain Climbing
3. World Heritage

Mt. Fuji is located near Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture and became the world heritage since 2013.
Here are 2 high recommend spots for Mt. Fuji.


1. Mountain Climbing Mt. Fuji (Close Version)


The best season for climbing Mt. Fuji is August and September.
If you arrange schedule and try to be at the top of Mt. Fuji by the sunrise timing, you see spectacular sight and it’s really breathtaking.
Mt. Fuji is located near Yamanashi, so takes about 3 hours by train or bus from Shinjuku in Tokyo.


2.  Onsen with View of Mt. Fuji (Distance Version)

After you get all sweat by climbing up Mt. Fuji, why don’t you take a long Onsen (hot spring) enjoy looking a view from distance?
Healing your tiredness and you can enjoy different angle of Mt. Fuji.


Enjoy climbing the world heritage, heal your body by Onsen with fantastic view.
Nice package tour, don’t you think?




3 words to describe summer Izu.

1. Nearby Beach Resort
2. Fireworks Launched over the Ocean
3. Delicious Fresh Fish

If Okinawa is a beach resort, Izu is the place as causal resort which is close to Tokyo you can access easier.
If you want to enjoy summer ocean beach close to Tokyo, Izu is the one you’re looking for.
Here are 2 high recommend spots in Izu.


1. Shirahama Beach (Eastern Izu)

Having relaxing time with beautiful sand beach in a daytime, how about having another luxury time enjoying the view of fireworks from the beach?
This beach is located east side of Izu and the ocean water is AAA(the best) Rank
by Izu Ministry of Environment which means very clear and clean ocean water.
The fireworks will be held on July 22nd, 2017 so if you think it’s “Click” here, let’s move to make reservation for hotel.


2. Hirizo Beach (Southern Izu)

If you love snorkeling, don’t miss to go this place.
People say the ocean water is too clear, looks like it even doesn’t exist and so
beautiful ocean water like Cebu in Philippine.
You’re allowed to go this spot from early in July to the end of September with
ferryboat from Southern Izu.


Beach, fireworks, colorful creatures to look for, what else you need for this good
deal plan?



Now can you imagine your own plan for this summer?
Let’s get break and time to treat yourself for holiday!