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A Guide to Second-Hand Shopping in Machida

By Margherita Jun 12, 2024

Shimokitazawa, Harajuku, and Sangenjaya: these are the thrifting neighborhoods of Tokyo. Although they are famously known for their great collection of second-hand clothes, they are becoming overcrowded and increasingly popular, with prices also on the rise.

A Day of Second-Hand Clothes Shopping in Machida

Machida, is one of Tokyo’s most sacred places for second-hand clothing, with many well-known stores that have been around since the 1990s. With a variety of unique stores, both old and new, scattered within walking distance of each other you are bound to find a piece you love!

Let’s discover another area of Tokyo that will become your go-to for second-hand shopping; a place called Machida.


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Located just a minute’s walk from the west exit of Machida Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line, DESERTSNOW awaits on the second floor of Family Mart, marked by distinctive white and wooden signs. 

This gem offers various vintage items sourced from the U.S. and Europe at affordable prices. Dive into their collection, they are especially renowned for women’s clothing featuring military and denim pieces, alongside an array of bags and accessories. Explore the tightly packed racks and uncover your next fashion find!

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Next up is DAMAGE DONE, situated just a minute’s stroll from the west exit of Machida Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line. Housed in a black-lacquered building with vintage charm, this establishment has been a Machida fixture for quite some time, drawing a loyal clientele. 

Catering to both men and women, the store boasts a diverse array of clothing and items across various genres. Its spacious layout attracts many couples, offering ample room for browsing. What sets DAMAGE DONE apart is its unique selection process, which includes used clothing and new and outlet items. Be sure to explore their range of sunglasses and accessories for fantastic bargains!

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danjil is a vintage clothing store with a street taste that specializes in vintage clothing and accessories from the 80s and 90s, located just a short 10-minute walk from Machida Station.

Tucked away in a charming back alley off the main thoroughfare toward Machida Kaido road, this store boasts a distinct facade adorned with an array of eye-catching stickers. Specializing in vintage American fashion from the 80s and 90s, DANJIL offers a vibrant yet laid-back selection that appeals to a mature audience. Renowned for its extensive inventory, the store is particularly celebrated among enthusiasts for its abundance of TOMMY HILFIGER pieces. Additionally, DANJIL boasts an impressive array of accessories, ranging from basketball and major league baseball gear to a diverse assortment of sneakers.

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Last but not least, is the vintage clothing store memento, which debuted in Machida in December 2023.

Originally established in Chiba City, this Machida outlet marks the fourth addition to the brand’s portfolio, including another one in Shimokitazawa. The name “memento,” derived from Latin, meaning “memory,” reflects the store’s ethos of invoking nostalgic recollections while customers discover their own unique fashion pieces. Offering an eclectic mix of popular items ranging from affordable finds to high-end brands, memento caters to both men and women, making it an ideal destination for vintage clothes shopping outings with friends or romantic excursions.

Discover your unique style at memento Machida, a treasure trove of second-hand clothing catering to a diverse range of tastes. Stay updated on outfit inspirations, styling tips, and the latest arrivals by following their official Instagram page. Lose yourself in the chill atmosphere of the store as you explore the curated collection of vintage clothing. 

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Exploring Machida’s Unique Second-Hand Stores

Vintage fashion enthusiasts will not want to miss exploring the vintage clothing scene in Machida.

Get onboard a unique shopping adventure through the streets of Machida, Tokyo’s best-kept secret for second-hand treasures. 

As Shimokitazawa and Harajuku have become increasingly crowded, Machida emerges as a haven for vintage fashion aficionados seeking one-of-a-kind pieces at affordable prices. From the eclectic selection to timeless appeal, each store offers a distinct shopping experience. 

Discover your next fashion treasure in Machida’s unique second-hand stores.

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