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Indian restaurants in Sapporo

By Guidable Writers Feb 21, 2016

Food is a basic need for human survival. And food has its own diversity across the world. As we move from country to country food also differs. But there is one nation which has diversity of foods in itself!!! Yep in each of its states. Any guess?? Ok one more hint, Spicy food, curry. I guess now most of you got which country I am talking about. Yes it’s India. India is known for its spicy food and known for its delicious curries. Indian food is liked by many Japanese people even after being spicy and oily. But Japanese really enjoy Indian food and say Oishii Indo curry. Even many foreigners like Indian foods. When I visit Indian restaurants I see people from US, Australia, Europe Africa, Indonesia and Malaysia so on. The amount of love people given to Indian food is enormous.


Sapporo is a hub of delicious foods. Here you get different countries food and it’s really very delicious. The quality of food is greatly maintained in Sapporo. So here also we have lot of Indian restaurants. 1) Mohan dish, 2) Jyoti, 3) Chandama, 4) Royal Indo, 5) Jhad Pul, 6) Spice 7) Taj Mahal 8) Ram, 9)RaRa and so on.

1)Mohan Dish-Located at 4 Chome-2-10 Kita 24 Jonishi, Kita Ward, Sapporo, Mohan dish has been serving delicious food over a decade. In this restaurant people can taste the authentic Indian food. Here different chicken curries and lamb curries are available. You can get sea food, fish curry also. Here you can select your spice level from 0-100. Different types of naans are available (butter naan, garlic naan, cheese naan, etc). Different types of starters like chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, shish kabab, Hariyali tikka are mouth watering. If you are vegetarians you really don’t have to worry. Here you get wide variety of vegetable curry. You can even enjoy samosa (made up of potato) here. Here you have different kind of party set which are really at affordable price. You can enjoy Indian drinks like Lassi, Mango lassi here. You can have Indian tea (called Chai in India) for free!! This restaurant has a capacity of 50 people in 1st floor provided with a party hall in the second floor. Recently they have introduced soup curry in their menu. If you visit Sapporo you have to visit this restaurant for sure.


(Reference: Indian Restaurant Mohan Dish)

2)Jyoti- Jyoti is located in Nishi 4 Chome-Minami 2 Jo, Chuo Ward, Sapporo-shi. It’s inside Tanuki Koji shopping arcade. Jyoti is located in the second floor. It has wide variety of curries including vegetable curries, chicken curries, mutton curries and sea food curries. You can select your spice level. Here on Saturdays Yoga classes will be offered. If you are interested in astrology you can construct your chart, if you know exact time, date and place of birth. Mr. Mahavir San is an owner and an astrologer himself. It’s really exciting right!!!



If you love alcohol you should spend your time in jyoti relaxing yourself with spicy food and your favorite alcohol.



3)Chandama- Chandama is located in Chuo-ku, Kita 3 Nishi 7-chome 1 Rokuen building B1F, Sapporo-shi. You can enjoy authentic Indian curries. Here also you have variety of vegetable and meat curries. Sea food curries are yummy. You can get very spicy curries as per your order. If you want to taste different alcohols this is the best combo restaurant.


(Reference: chandama)

4)Royal Indo- Royal Indo is located in shiroishi-ku. It is owned by Mr. Mohan San, who owns Mohan Dish. Here you get spicy pork curries in addition to other curries which you don’t get in Mohan Dish. If you love pork then it’s a must restaurant.


(Reference: Indian Restaurant Mohan Dish)

5)Jhad pul is located at Chuo-ku, Minami 6 Nishi 24-chome-3-21 The specialty of this restaurant is you get some of the south Indian breakfast. You can enjoy Dosa, Vada which are very famous south Indian breakfasts. And if you want to taste delicious chicken biriyani it’s a must go place.


(Reference: Jhad Pul)

And the list of restaurants continues. So if you visit Sapporo don’t miss to taste Indian food. I am sure you love it.