Recommended Restaurants in Tokyo : Yakitori & Wine Chicken Only

May 24, 2017

Enjoy creative yakitori and wine using domestic chicken
Yakitori & wine chicken only

It is about 5 minutes to walk from Daikanyama. Chicken only, this time to introduce is standing at the road which stylish cafés and bar faced. In this shop opened in February 2017, you can enjoy creative yakitori together with the wine different from the image of yakitori ever.

There were a counter seat and a table seat in the light that settles down when entering a shop which is a little underground. It seems that it is also used frequently in girls’ associations and drinking party.

Originally a chicken only chicken derived from a bachelor specialty store full of reservations at Daikanyama has a carefully selected domestic chicken different from the head office, finished to match Western style wine such as truffle salt and mustard is.
Recommended by the manager is a leisure course that you can enjoy various parts of chicken little by little.

Not only yakitori but also ice cream of sweet potato is nice. The store manager himself went to the plantation and used sweet potatoes carefully selected. The taste of this is delicious like you have never tasted. It seems that dishes using sweet potatoes etc. will finish in July so please visit us as soon as possible!
Why do not you cheer with a little different yakitori and wine?



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