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Vegan Sushi: How to Eat Sushi as a Vegan in Japan

By Margherita Jun 19, 2024

Finding vegan sushi in Japan can be challenging due to the traditional focus on seafood and fish-based ingredients in Japanese cuisine. However, with the growing popularity of plant-based diets, especially in urban areas, there are increasing options for vegan sushi. 

Must-Try Vegan Sushi Options in Japan

Here are some places where you can easily find vegan sushi in Japan.

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veggie tempo

veggie tempo is a little gem that just opened in the Yoyogi area. The shop introduces a unique dining experience where vegetable sushi takes center stage. Born by a rare collaboration between a vegetable-specializing sushi chef and a French culinary expert, this vegan omakase course offers an exclusive journey into plant-based gastronomy, with only 10 seats available for private reservations. Enjoy a carefully curated beverage selection, featuring draft beer, wine, sherry, sake, and homemade drinks, overseen by the chef’s expertise as a certified wine sommelier and award-winning mixologist.

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With 47 years of history, MOMINOKI HOUSE is a renowned natural food restaurant committed to the belief that food shapes our bodies. Embracing genuine organic principles, the menu focuses on brown rice, vegetables, millet, and electronically ionized water—free from fertilizers. The vegan sushi showcases seasonal vegetable ingredients paired with brown rice, offering a delightful taste of the seasons. 

Additionally, naturally grown rice, oil, and miso are provided, including a special miso crafted under the owner’s supervision. At MOMINOKI HOUSE, they are dedicated to nourishing body and soul with wholesome, organic fare.

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Katsu Midori (Shibuya)

Katsu-Midori in Shibuya offers traditional conveyor belt sushi with vegan and vegetarian options. Perfect for a mixed group craving traditional sushi and those seeking a plant-based menu. Among the vegan-friendly options, you can find the avocado nigiri, seaweed and okra gunkan, natto, plum and shiso, ​​pickled daikon radish​ maki, as well as some izakaya options such as vegetable tempura, potato fries and salad.

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SUSHI Gonpachi Shibuya (Shibuya)

Experience the fusion of traditional Japanese cuisine with plant-based dining at SUSHI Gonpachi. Enjoy vegan sushi crafted with fresh seasonal ingredients, served against the backdrop of Tokyo’s skyline. From avocado rolls to innovative vegetable nigiri, each dish showcases its commitment to culinary excellence and sustainability.
The dedicated vegan menu offers not only sushi but also vegan skewers, tempura, and a range of appetizers.

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Veganic Monkey Magic (Asakusa)

In the heart of Asakusa lies Veganic Monkey Magic, a charming café serving up an all-vegan menu sourced from local organic ingredients. Step inside to discover classic Japanese comfort dishes, and on Thursday evenings, go try the fully vegan seasonal sushi menu. Created by a self-taught plant-based sushi chef from a Michelin-starred Tokyo restaurant, the menu features 12-15 sushi pieces and appetizers for an affordable price. The sushi is seasoned with salt and olive oil, giving it an Italian twist, and served omakase-style. Expect toppings like maitake mushrooms, eggplant, and bamboo shoots. Pair your meal with vegan wine or sake. The seating is limited, so booking online in advance is recommended.

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CHAYA Macrobiotics

CHAYA Macrobiotics, boasting six Tokyo locations, specializes in macrobiotic cuisine, promoting a diet centered around brown rice and vegetarianism. At its Shiodome branch, the limited-quantity menu features the nutrient-rich “Organic Brown Rice Rolled Sushi Plate.” This wholesome offering includes a side of freshly roasted vegetable salad, a vegan soup, and a beverage, all for just 1,200 yen during lunch hours.

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Udatsu Sushi (Meguro)

Udatsu Sushi is an intimate sushi restaurant owned by chef Hisashi Usatsu. With seating for up to 9 guests at the counter and 2 to 4 in a private room, it offers an exclusive dining experience. Choose from two omakase lunch menus or three omakase dinner courses, with the option of a vegetarian or vegan menu with two days advance notice. Enhance your meal with a curated craft sake pairing for the ultimate Japanese culinary journey.

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Vegan Sushi: A Culinary Exploration Across Tokyo

While vegan sushi options may not be as widely available as traditional sushi in Japan, with some research and exploration, you can discover delicious plant-based alternatives that satisfy your sushi cravings. Additionally, as awareness of veganism continues to grow, the availability of vegan sushi will keep increasing over time.

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