(English) How Do Japanese Guys Flirt? Flirting in Japan.

Sep 22, 2017

申し訳ありません、このコンテンツはただ今 アメリカ英語スペイン語 (イベリア半島)ベトナム語タイ語Português do Brasil のみです。

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  • Lyn says:

    Hi, It was nice reading your article and it’s informative. I hope you don’t mind iifI will ask. I met someone via dating app but for the purpose or language exchange only. As I can speak english and the he can speak nihongo, via conversating with each other we can enhance my 3rd and his 2nd language.

    Due to consistent sms and meet up we got to knew each other and found out that we have many common interest. I admit that I was falling for him but I am confused. I never had BF since birth, no experience either. I don’t know if he likes me and he’s hard to read. I don’t know if he was telling the truth. I am 27, filipina, banker in my country. He is 49, japanese, engineer in an airline.

    I don’t know if he’s really single, no kids. I don’t know if he’s dating someone else. I don’t know. Coz I allot time for him and he was on rush sometimes
    even if it’s his yasumi. I invited him 2x to have some bonding with my family but he rejected my invitation. He said he will make way for him to be available but when I mention we will be with my sister and he has to pay for his own expenses (this is a group tour, we arepaid already) he changed his statement that he will ask his manager first. 2nd, its his yasumi. Me and my family will go to onsen, we invited him, he said he has to meet his friends. A lot of excuses.

    One day I got turned off on him to the point I stopped texting him. I felt disrespected that’s why I hated him. Then few days later he asked for my availability, he wanted to talk about us, that he like me, he will do everything for me, he will not disappoint me,. I said we need to know each other first.

    When we meet we don’t talked about US. We talked about his life. On sms, he’s telling me that he like me. One time he said he love me. Just one time. He wants me to be his girlfriend.

    He is very touchy and I’m not comfortable with that, he sometimes hug me without consent(i don’t hug back), we sometimes holding hands while walking which is fine but when my hands is in my pocket his arms will be on my shoulder or hips.

    Here is my question
    Do he really likes me as his future partner in life? Till we both get old ?

    Honestly, I feel like he doesn’t really like me. He just want something I cannot give to him or anyone without marriage.

    Please feel free to ask. Apologies for long message.

    Lyn of Yokohama

    • Reply for Lyn
      Guidable Writers says:

      Hey Lyn!
      Sorry for the very late reply!
      Hopefully, you haven’t gone too far with him or done anything you are regretting because, from the message you sent, he seems like he just wants to use you. Does he like you? yes, most likely. But, is it genuine and is he single? No.
      From what I read, it seems he just wants to use you and then when he gets what he wants he will most likely disappear. He is hiding a lot and from the excuses he is making, I think he might be married.

      I do hope I was still able to help and please let me know if you have more questions!

  • Ve says:

    I’m an exchange student and this is my second month in Japan. Since the first day of university, one of my classmates treats me kindly and he’s always there to help me. At the start, I thought that he only wanted to be a good classmate, because my Japanese is bad and nobody else wanted to talk to me. His English is even worse than my Japanese, but he always comes to me to speak even for a few minutes.
    He told me that he has to go to San Francisco for three weeks in September, so, even if my English isn’t perfect, I volunteered to help him with the language. Now we speak in Japanese and in English. A day we stayed alone until 7 pm at school to study. That day we had a lot of light touches and he waited for my bus with me.
    Usually, he laughs every time I say something remotely funny.
    I often buy Poki and I always offer one to him and a day he asked me to feed him because he had has his hands dirty of paint.
    I feel his eyes on me frequently, but I don’t know if it’s my imagination or what.
    The only bad thing it’s that I texted him twice asking something about school and both times he left my last text unread and without an answer.
    I think I feel something for him, but even if I’m a joyful person I’m hopeless in this kind of situation and I don’t know what to do.
    I’m looking forward to your opinion, it could really help me. Thank you!!

  • Momo says:

    I am talking to a Japanese girl and it takes hours for her to reply, not minutes, so we text daily, but 2 to 4 messages from each of us per day. I think it’s the same as waiting for few minutes as hours. I think she likes me back, bc I like her. I need to find the right time to make kokuhaku with her. <3


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