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30 Cafes and Restaurants All Keio Students Must Visit

By Guidable Writers Sep 7, 2017

Hello to everyone studying at Keio University!

Some of you may have just arrived in Japan and are excited to start your new life here.

日本へようこそ!(Welcome to Japan!)

I will recommend 20 of the best theme restaurants and cafes around Keio University, 日吉(Hiyoshi) campus.


– CONTENTS———————–

い. Cafes with Wi-Fi

ろ. Lunch

は. Dinner




い. Cafes with Wi-Fi


1. Number 3 cafe&dining


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1208259949642)

Feel the West Coast vibe at Hiyoshi.

Bar time is also nice for chilling with your friends.

English menu available!


Japanese: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14064849/


2. Cafe Marimo Hiyoshi 喫茶まりも


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r0094119244011)

Rare old-school cafe with wi-fi.

Their cream cheese cake and pudding a la mode are worth a try!


Japanese: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14028558/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/D-normal/1/


3. 旅湾喫茶 TA TA TEA


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r7327357330221)

Tasty bubble tea at a popular Taiwanese cafe/restaurant.

Their food also receives endorsement from Taiwanese students.


Japanese: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14052232/


4. Unwind


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14053640/dtlphotolst/3/smp2/)

The concept of this place is お家ごはん (at home meal).

Make yourself at home and enjoy talking with your friends(:


Japanese: http://unwind.heteml.jp/concept


5. Espresso Americano 東急日吉店 (Tokyu Hiyoshi)


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r5112951234016)

Only 2 minutes away from Hiyoshi station.

English menu available!


Japanese/English: http://www.espresso-americano.jp/index.html



ろ. Lunch

6. Tonkatsu Mita とんかつ三田



(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14009143/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/D-normal/4/)

A great place for lunch, with large portions and low prices!

Free refills on rice and miso soup.


Japanese: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14009143/




(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14040637/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/)

Rare Pakistan-style curry in Japan!

Spice up your life 🙂

Check out their cute website:


English: http://www.trillcurry.com/menu.html




(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r2032268556780)

High-quality Vietnamese lunch.

Recommended you make a reservation for Saturday lunch time.


Japanese: http://hoahoahiyoshi.web.fc2.com

9. Hiyoshi Shokudo 日吉食堂


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r0247221200049)

Keio students have a long-time love affair with this place.

If you want to experience Japanese Shokudo (a place which serves in traditional Japanese set-menu style) you should come here.


Japanese: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14050914/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/


10. Musashiya 武蔵家


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r0588064403092)

You can choose the amount of noodles and fat, as well as how you want your noodles done.

Popular ramen place that always has a line until nighttime.


Japanese: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14007923/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/


11. Rasta らすた


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r9807145161572)

620 yen ramen with lots of dried seaweed on top! (though not in this picture)

This place is also popular among students and packed until midnight.


Japanese: https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14000095/


12. Hamatora ハマトラ日吉


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1470935494468)

Unique interior, music and bowls for ramen.

Black noodles in chicken-based soup.. interesting.


Japanese: http://hamatora.co.jp/hiyoshi/



13. Butaboshi 豚星


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1055962312908)

Ramen mountain challenge!

The noodles are flatter than normal ramen and go along well with the soup.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1405/A140504/14058333/

14. Restaurant Hakucho  レストラン白鳥


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r2532137117246)

Thick Omurice (Omelette stuffed with rice) for lunch!

Looks huge but you will quickly gobble this up.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14000093/

15. Asian Bistro Dai アジアンビストロ Dai


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1218266722509)

Bistro-style Thai restaurant.

Reasonable pricing such that students often eat here for dinner.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14050931/


16. vendor×vendor


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1883639625323)

Chicken over rice inspired by a NYC vendor!

Saffron rice with chicken and spicy sour cream sauce for 600 yen!


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14037451/


17. Gyoshin ぎょしん


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1724812239493)

Delicious sushi lunch plate for 787 yen!

They also have a Half Don (sashimi over rice) for which you get to choose two types of sashimi to add on top for only 510 yen plus tax.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14045389/

Japanese lunch menu: https://www.sushi-gyoshin.com/お品書き/ランチ/


18. Khukuri クークリ


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14022649/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/)

Try the curry lunch set at this Nepali restaurant.

You’ll get a drink and salad or ice cream to go with your meal for lunch time.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14022649/


19. Kitchen Kuri no ki キッチンくりの木


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1328239882835)

Japanese teishoku restaurant (traditional set menu style) popular among male Keio students.

You can order one more bowl of rice (you choose the size) and a raw egg with your lunch for no additional charge.

豚の生姜焼き “Buta no Shogayaki”, pork fried with ginger is the most popular dish.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14000625/

Japanese: http://www.kurinoki-1985.com/home02/


20. Gyutan Keisuke 牛タン圭助


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r2845757192305)

Chain gyutan (beef tongue) restaurant in Hiyoshi.

A bit pricey compared to other lunch places, but beef tongue is really popular in Japan so it’s absolutely worth a try.

The picture above is tender Gyu Harami teishoku (beef skirt steak plate), for 1,280 yen.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14054309/


は. Dinner

21. Gyoza place Mikaduki 餃子処三日月


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14018056/dtlphotolst/1/)

Small restaurant serves gyoza dumplings: domestic veggies, pork and garlic wrapped in homemade gyoza dough.

Get there at 5pm sharp or else you might have to wait in line.



Japanese: http://gyoza-mikaduki.jp 


21. Tonkatsu Waguri とんかつ和栗


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14057269/dtlphotolst/1/3/?smp=s)

This is also a Tonkatsu place popular among Keio students.

特上ロースとんかつ Tokujyo roosu tonkatsu (Deluxe pork loin cutlet plate) is 1,500 yen.



Japanese: http://www.kurinoki-1985.com/dinner/


22. Yanagawa Seinikuten (やながわ精肉店)


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r3052857146037)

Hamburg steak with cheese inside is the specialty of this restaurant, but their ローストビーフ丼 (roast beef over rice) is gaining popularity as well.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14061323/

23. Puku Puku tei プクプク亭


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14042473/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/)

Old school hamburg restaurant.

特製ハンバーグ special hamburg steak is made with beef tongue so that you can enjoy the unique taste and texture.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14042473/


24. Al Pino アルピノ


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14000353/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/D-normal/3/)

Popular Italian restaurant rated as the best in Hiyoshi.

Recommended for lunch too.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14000353/


25. Tatsukichi たつ吉


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14020911/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/)

Rare soba restaurant in Hiyoshi.

せいろ Seiro, cold standard soba, is 600 yen.

Good for a light meal!


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14020911/


26. Tsukemen Abisuke (つけめん あびすけ)


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r1282733139060)

Rated as the best miso ramen in Kanagawa Prefecture!

Super thick noodles in super creamy miso ramen soup.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14003662/


27. Terrace and living


(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r9365437217289)

West Coast-style interior with a sofa on the terrace.

Red wine-stewed spareribs is the specialty!


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14053991/




(Cited from https://tabelog.com/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14065103/dtlphotolst/1/smp2/)

New burger diner, opened 2016!

Fruity sweet and sour sauce goes well with the 100% beef patty.


English/Japanese: https://www.made-in-hands.com 


29. Mon GATTO

(Cited from https://tabelog.com/imgview/original?id=r9758470336481)

New Italian place, opened 2014!

Try their relatively inexpensive lunch options first.


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14056881/


30. Ryuka 龍華

(Cited from https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14011914/dtlphotolst/1/)

Authentic Chinese restaurant.

Pan-fried soup dumpling is worth a try!


English: https://tabelog.com/en/kanagawa/A1401/A140204/14011914/




Everything listed here is recommended by Keio students! 🙂

Hope you enjoy your student life at Keio!!