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Spend a Lot of Time in the Library? Have You Heard of the Book Sterilizer?

By Yae Oct 21, 2018


How often do you read books? If you read Japanese books or study by reading as many Japanese books as possible, some of you may continuously visit libraries and borrow books in Japan.

If you feel uncomfortable borrowing books from public libraries, books that some strangers have been touching, did you know there is a fantastic machine called a “Book sterilizer” at libraries in Japan? This magical machine relieves you of the worry of germs from the books you want to borrow.

Let’s find out what the book sterilizer is through this article.


1. People Care About Germs Everywhere, So Why Not Books?


Why were book sterilizers created in Japan anyway? Many Japanese people use public libraries, both men and women of all ages and there were lots of comments from Japanese mothers who have small children concerning germs from the books. Small children love to read picture books at public libraries. However, since their immune systems are not as developed their mothers are afraid of the diseases or germs the books may carry.

“It would be reassuring to have a machine to ensure the books are PERFECTLY CLEAN”

According to above wish from many Japanese people, a machine called the book sterilizer was created in Japan and step by step this machine was installed at public libraries in Japan.


2. How Are Books Cleaned by the Book Sterilizer?


It’s no problem for those who don’t mind their books have already been fondled by so many people before them. However, some people always wipe off the books using sanitizing wipes to make the books clean and free of germs before reading.

The book sterilizer machine can clean all the books through the following steps:


・ Antibacterial wind flows under the books and cleans between the pages by getting rid of any dust: peoples’ hairs or dandruff, etc.

・ The book sterilizer sterilizes and disinfects inside the books by applying ultraviolet rays to the opened books.

・ The book sterilizer deodorizes the books of any smell of smoke, pets or food.


3. How to Use the Book Sterilizer

( Photo taken by the author)


The steps to use the book sterilizer are very simple; it’s like using your microwave at home. Here is the process as follows:


1. Put each book on the small book stand, open.

2. Close the door of the sterilizer and push the Start” button.

3. In about 30 seconds to 1 minute, the books will be clean inside.

4. After the book sterilizer has stopped working, you can take out the books and close the door.

If you find the book sterilizer at a public library close to your home, why don’t you try it out?


4. How Much is the Book Sterilizer?


Using the book sterilizer is always free for everybody but aren’t you curious how much the cost of the book sterilizer is itself? This book cleaning machine costs quite a lot! Around 670,000 to 850,000 yen. Many Japanese people are willing to use this book sterilizer, and now more than 3,000,000 book sterilizers are installed in public libraries throughout Japan.



What do you think about this unique book sterilizing machine in Japan? When you’re looking for some books to borrow at a public library in Japan but accidentally find some hair between the book pages or catch a whiff of something bad from the book, nobody feels comfortable right?

People clean their rooms, streets, bathrooms, kitchens, so why not books as well?

Feel the comfort of reading a clean books straight out the book sterilizer in Japanese libraries.

Once you use it, I’m sure you’ll be addicted!