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Fast Fashions in Japan

By Guidable Writers Jul 29, 2016

If you want to walk the busy streets with the fashionable Japanese clothing like many young Japanese men and women, it’s not difficult anymore! It is called “fast fashion”, whose name comes from cheap and easy fast food culture.


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You may be able to buy these kinds of clothes at an incredibly cheap price. If you want to buy outfits for yourself (total coordinate) including the shoes, hats, and accessories, you may only need approximately $100 to $150 (10,000 to 15,000 yen) or even less than that.

I’d like to introduce the shops which sell those cheap clothes. These are relatively easy to find anywhere in Japan and they are Japanese brands.


2. GU

3. Shimamura (しまむら)

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We also have the shops from abroad that sell fast fashion as well. These shops include:

4. H&M

5. GAP

6. Forever 21



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With such a cheap price, don’t you think the quality will be bad?

The answer is “Not all”.

Actually I often buy the clothes at UNIQLO and they have very good qualities. They have the special innerwear called “AIRism” in summer time, and “HEATTECH” in winter time. They are not just cheap clothes but have a certain function adopting the hot and cold climate. Sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish between the cheap ones and the not cheap ones. 

However, you may find many people who wear the same clothes as you in the street. You can choose clothing exactly the same as what the mannequins wear at the entrance of the shop, but you can see the people wearing the same fashionable clothes anywhere you go. You should have your own certain idea about what you want to wear.

If you want to cherish your originality, you should make use of the fast fashions together with the other (non-fast fashion) shops. But don’t worry!  You can make use of the summer/winter sales, outlet shops, internet shops, and so on and can still buy those designer clothes at a reasonable price.


Another problem is what to do with your clothes after the fashion boom is gone?

Will you throw them away? Because of the low cost, it’s easy to do so if you want. But think about it more. Throwing them away easily after the boom is gone also means you throw your money away. Even if they’re reasonable, you might lose your money eventually.

So you should be clever about buying clothes. Sometimes buying a little more expensive clothing that you will keep for a longer time can reveal your policy and preference about fashions regardless of the trend.