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Food: Yum Yum Lamb! (Jingisu-Kann)

By Guidable Writers Jul 29, 2016

What is Jingisu-Kann?

Have you ever heard “Jingisu-Kann?” It is a kind of BBQ dish popular in Hokkaido which named after “Genghis Khan” who was a king of the Mongolian Empire. So, it is also called Japanese Style Mongolian mutton in English.      

We usually have lamb (sometimes mutton) for the BBQ with some vegetables on a special pan. Jingisu-Kann has 2 types for its taste; one is not-seasoned lamb to be dipped in a special sauce after grilled, and the other type is seasoned lamb with another special sauce (it’s different from the first one.) Typical sauces for non-seasoned lamb are produced by the companies, Beru-Shokuhinn and Sorachi (see picture 2) while a local Miso company, Maruhachi produces as tasty one as the others (see picture 3.)      


スクリーンショット 2016-07-29 15.32.19

When do you have?

We usually have Jingisu-Kann at home surrounding a special pan with hearing the meat sizzling, and bathing the good-smelling smoke.   

Some people have Jingisu-Kann parties instead of other BBQ parties outside such as for Hanami or camping. In fact, we have disposable pan for the special Jingisu-Kann-pan which can be purchased at supermarkets, home centers, or convenience stores during summer.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-29 15.32.29


Recommended ingredients with

As you see in the picture 1 & 6, pieces of lamb are put in the center part of the pan (it is like a mountain), and vegetables are put around pieces of lamb.

Vegetables for Jingisu-Kann vary from family to family; standard ones are the following. I can say they are suitable for non-seasoned lamb. Everything will become sweet after being grilled on a special pan!

#1: Moyashi: Bean sprouts.

#2: Pii-Mann: Green pepper.

#3: Tamanegi: Onions.

#4: Ninn-Jinn: Carrots.

As for seasoned lamb, personally, I would strongly recommend to add the following ingredients to #1 – #4. The most important point is that the special sauce will soak in each ingredient by being grilled.

#5: Age: Deep-fried Tofu; it becomes crispy by being grilled.

#6: Haku-sai: Chinese cabbage; it sweated down.

#7: Kon-nyaku: Konjac (Yam cake); it sweated down.

#8: Udonn! : Wheat noodles → DO NOT FORGET to add Udonn for the closure of the fantastic party (Shime for Japanese word.) Please bear in mind that “Shime” is very important word for meals in Japan.


スクリーンショット 2016-07-29 15.32.36

Eating out

If it’s difficult for you to prepare the stuffs for Jinngisu-Kann at home, you can enjoy Jingisu-Kann at some restaurants as well called Beer Garden in Hokkaido.

Sapporo Beer Garden (in central Sapporo)

Kirin Beer Garden (in central Sapporo)

Asahi Beer Garden (in central Sapporo, Susukino)

Matsuo Jingisu-Kann (at New Chitose Airport)

This company is the inventor of seasoned lamb for Jingisu-Kann.

You can enjoy their Jingisu-Kann in Tokyo as well. Please refer to the shop list by the following URL. (Sorry, English site is not available.)

My ambition

I hope Jingisu-Kann culture will spread all over Japan and the world. This is one of the most splendid cultures in Hokkaido, and I want to hear “Yum yum lamb” everywhere.