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Reasonable Steak Experience with Stand-Up-Eating

By Guidable Writers Mar 31, 2017

Don’t You Eat Steak More Casual?

When do you usually eat steak? Or When do you go to steak restaurant? You might think it is a first-rate dinner, and you go there only on a special occasion. Basically, Japan same, too, but some casual steak house has become a topic of conversation in recent years. It used to operate only in Kanto area, but it has expanded its business nationwide lately. Now, here are some features of the new style steak house.

Have a Unique Experience at Stand-Up-Eating Steak Restaurant

The steak restaurant named “Ikinari Steak” is known for a unique stand-up-eating steak restaurant. Ikinari means suddenly in Japanese. The restaurant has opened in the business district at first and offers to have steak with no appetizer because it wants its customer to taste its proudly made steak more amounts and cheaper. That is why the restaurant uses stand-up-eating style. You usually have steak with this style at its street-level restaurant, but at food court location, of course, you may seat yourself.


Eat Smart, and You Could Lose Weight

Basically, it offers steak as a la carte and side dishes are sold separately. According to some TV show, some businessman succeeded in losing weight with its steak because he always ordered only steak and salad to take in less carbohydrate. You might not think steak is good for it, but it is important to take in more protein and less carbohydrate to lose weight, and in some cases, the restaurant would support you while you are going on a diet. If the restaurant is located near your office, you may consider stopping by there. Eat steak smart, charge energy, and stay healthy.


Do You Like Japanese Steak?

Some non-Japanese people often say Japanese beef is not delicious because it is quite tenderer than American/Australian beef and they can’t feel they are eating meat. However, Japanese people love tender meat because it is mouth-watering and juicy (that is why turkey is not common in Japan). It is said that fine beef should have its beef tallow like frost, and it is known for shimofuri (marbled beef). Because the beef tallow is contained the entire surface of beef, marbled beef is totally tender and you can enjoy the same taste from first to last. Not only steak, taste enough Japan’s own tender beef dishes. More detail; (Japanese only).