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TikTok Ban Update, Olympic Games and More!【Today’s Top 5 Japanese Trends!】

By Guidable Writers Sep 28, 2020

Today’s Top Japanese Trends!

Would you like to know today’s top Japanese trends seen on Twitter and other sites? If so read on to find out more about what interests people in Japan.

Update: TikTok to Continue Streaming. U.S. District Court Blocks Ban.

The U.S. federal district court in Washington ruled on Wednesday that the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok’s ban will not go ahead for now. Streaming will continue.
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U.S. Major League Baseball, Darvish as the First Japanese Pitcher to Lead

In the U.S. Major League Baseball, Yu Darvish of the Chicago Cubs became the first Japanese pitcher to lead a major league in wins.
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Japan Game Awards 2020 Grand Prize for “Animal Crossing”

The Japan Game Awards held at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 online gifted “Animal Crossing” with the Grand Prize. “Animal Crossing” was the winner the triple crown, and also received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award and the Excellence Award.
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The First International Olympic Games Event After Corona to Be Held in Tokyo in November

As a major step towards hosting next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, the first Olympic Games event since the spread will be held in Tokyo in November. The event is the international gymnastics competition to take place November 8 this year at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. According to the officials, several male and female gymnasts from Japan, the United States, China and Russia will participate in the event.
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First Snowfall at Mt. Fuji Comes Early This Year

This year’s first snowfall at Mount Fuji was observed two days earlier than normal and 24 days earlier than last year. According to the JMA, the temperature at the top of Mount Fuji was minus 1.6 degrees Celsius at 7am on the 28th.
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