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3 Student Discounts in Japan for Foreign Students

By Guidable Writers Apr 24, 2017

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Many of you may concern about how to save money while studying abroad. But do you know that foreign students may enjoy the “Student Discount” in Japan? In order to use these discounts, the first thing you need to do is to get a International Student Identity Card (ISIC), and then you’ll see how much money you can save up as you are enjoying your life in Japan!

Here are 3 pieces of information about student discounts for you.



1. Traveling in Japan

While you’re staying in Japan, I’m sure many of you may not just want to sit at the desk every day studying, but also travel around Japan, right?

The following information might help you save money when you travel in Japan.

If you book Solaseed Air flight by showing ISIC, you can get a plane ticket with 4060% discount off the price.

For instance:

Flight route: Tokyo⇔Ooita/Kumamoto/Miyazaki/Nagasaki/Kagoshima.

Flight route: Okinawa⇔Miyazaki/Kumamoto/Ngasaki/Kagoshima.

Since you can get such cheap plane tickets, why not traveling more?


2. Entertainment

If you want to learn more about Japanese culture, the “Nikko Edomura” would be a good destination for you. It is located in Tochigi Prefecture and the hot spring there is famous as well.

You can enjoy the views of Edo-Period there, and if you like, you can rent a kimono and become a real Edo character like a Ninja, a Samurai, a Princess and so on. There you will find the Edo-Period having come into life again!

If you show ISIC, you may buy the entrance ticket at a 15% discount.




3. Mobile Phone

Living in Japan alone, you often want to make a phone call to your family or friends in your hometown. But then you find the cost of calling abroad is rather high. 

Don’t worry. If you show ISIC, you can get free rental cards (4 cards), and the cost of phone calls would be down at least 40%!

Now do you start feeling that you may contact more easily with your family or friends?

And it makes more convenient for you if you apply for the card through the Internet and get it directly at the airport counter as soon as you arrive in Japan!



Now you have already known about some of the advantages of ISIC that foreign students may take use of in Japan.

You can get more information about ISIC on the website of ISIC/ITIC/IYTC.

Let’s “Study Hard, and Play Harder!”