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3 Useful Items for Time Shortening makeup

By Guidable Writers May 2, 2017

Kind of Necessaries for Women Who Are Busy

Do you wake up at fixed time every morning? In Japan, the proverb says that in spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn. Because the weather is getting nicer and nicer, you might often oversleep recently. However, women need to put makeup to protect their skin or make more beautiful though they don’t have enough time for it. These are 3 picks which are useful for time shortening makeup, and you might already know or use some of them. Use them smart, and manage your time.



Cushion Foundation; Sheer and Moist Finish

Since it has come from Korean cosmetic companies, cushion foundation is getting more and more popular lately. It is said that the foundation has been developed based on a vermilion ink, and liquid foundation is soaked into the sponge in the case. Though directions vary by companies, it usually contains makeup primer and you can apply it after you did skincare. Furthermore, some companies sell quicker finish foundation which can apply after you washed your face. Check their directions and find your best one.



BB/CC Cream; Natural and Healthy Finish

BB/CC cream is also said that it originally developed by some cosmetic company in Korea. Each cream contains serum, emulsion, sunscreen, makeup primer, and foundation. How to use is very simple; finish skincare by toning lotion, then apply this. Because the cream can do skincare, it is gentler on the skin than usual foundation and you can use it even you have a skin trouble. Not only when you oversleep, it is also good for makeup for a day off. If you apply liquid/cream foundation by brush, you may use it as of them.



No-Color Foundation; Mat and Smooth Finish

No-color foundation below is released by Shiseido and Matsumoto Kiyoshi Drug Stores. Because it has no color, you can use it instead of foundation, serum, or makeup primer. Moreover, you may also use it for skincare at night and you can sleep with it applying. If you use it as the primer, you don’t need to reapply makeup for a while because of its mat texture. The direction is super easy; apply only this after you washed your face. Even it is clear, it covers pore and makes your skin shiny because of micro mineral pearl. However, it is on sale for a limited time, and it might be already sold out. Don’t miss it if you find it at your nearest “MatsuKiyo”.