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5 Facts About Cute “Double Teeth” in Japan

By Yae May 2, 2018

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How would you like your teeth to look? Shiny, straight teeth may be most desirable for most people.
However, there is an exception for Japanese women. Did you know that some Japanese women have double teeth and that some Japanese men find it attractive?
It seems rather than regular, straight teeth, double teeth are seen as adorable in Japanese women. Why are double teeth are that attractive?

Let’s see why double teeth are attractive in Japanese women.

1. What are Double Teeth?

Some of you might not be familiar with double teeth, also known as “Labioversion of canine” as an official name. After baby teeth fall out, adult teeth usually grow in the same place. However, if there is not enough space for the adult teeth to grow, the teeth grow out of space and this may cause double teeth.

The biggest reason that some people don’t have enough space for adult teeth is because of the small size of their chin. There are several reasons for having a small chin, but a major reason is a change in eating habits.

Another name of double teeth are “Vampire teeth” because they look similar to vampire teeth.

2. Why do Double Teeth Look So Adorable in Japan?

There are some reasons why Japanese women with double teeth look so adorable and why many Japanese men find it attractive.
Let’s see the major reasons:

1. Smiling with Double Teeth Looks Devilish

This depends on peoples different taste but if Japanese women are smiling with double teeth, the teeth look like little fangs and this makes them look like a cute devil.
What if you’re talking with a Japanese girl friend who looks serious, but then suddenly smiles with an innocent double teeth smile? It looks mysterious but cute, right?

2. Having a Weak Point Gives a Better Impression

If you’re a man reading this article, what do you find desirable in a woman? Women both beautiful and talented and completely perfect?
Even there might be a perfect woman out there, most people have their own imperfections. Wearing makeup is one way to hide weak points. Double teeth may be seen as an imperfection since it’s different from regular teeth. However, some Japanese men find it adorable as they feel like they want to protect the woman and her imperfections.

3. Keeping a Cute Smile is Hard Work

Now you know why Japanese women with double teeth may attract Japanese men. For those who don’t have any problems with teeth or have regular teeth already, do you know it’s quite hard work to maintain their cute double teeth?
Let’s see what kind of hard work Japanese women have to keep their double teeth cute.

1. Difficulties in Maintaining Tooth Hygiene 

For those who have double teeth, they need to brush their teeth more carefully and it takes more time than the people with straight teeth. Since the adult teeth grow and overlapping other teeth, there is a high risk of tooth decay, smelly bad breath or periodontal disease.
Since all teeth are not placed properly, those people with double teeth need to care a lot of attention to the hidden spots and brush carefully.

2.The Risks of Canine Labioversion



This article is not trying to scare you, but did you know that double teeth may sometimes cause pain inside the mouth? It depends on the layout inside the mouth but it may hurt the lips, tongue or in the worst case, the gums. People with double teeth have the risk of mouth ulcers so care is advised.

3.Bacteria Collects in the Mouth

Did you know that the people with double teeth tend to always have their mouths half open?
Since the canine teeth is projected outwards by the double teeth, it’s quite difficult to close the mouth perfectly. So, as people with double teeth have their mouth open a lot during the day, the bacteria inside the mouth may breed easily.

4. What if Japanese Men have Double Teeth?

Japanese women with the double teeth looks attractive but how about for Japanese men in this case? What’s the impression of Japanese men with double teeth?
Unfortunately, the cute double teeth are only a special privilege for Japanese women. It may sound unfair, but we see Japanese men with double teeth as childish and crooked.

5.Plastic Surgery for Double Teeth

Since Japanese women with double teeth are attractive in Japan, some Japanese women prefer to wear fake double teeth on purpose. All you have to do is go to the dentist.

<The average price for fake double teeth attached to your existing teeth>
20,000 yen to 50,000 yen.

<The average price to remove fake double teeth>
5,000 yen

<The average price for the fake double teeth with removal type>
30,000 yen

You can see how popular it is for women having double teeth in Japan.

Looking cute means a lot for Japanese women and men so double teeth are one of the methods to make people cute, especially for women in Japan.
It takes time and hard work to keep double teeth clean and cute but people with double teeth are always dying to hear the word, “KAWAII!” from others.

How do you like the charming points for double teeth?
If you’re curious to have one, why not take a trip to the dentist in Japan!