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Be prepare for Hay Fever

By Guidable Writers Mar 19, 2017

The season of hay fever has arrived in Japan. Many people start sneezing, scratching eyes, and wearing the mask. You might think it is not for your business, however, it is said that 25% of the total population are now suffering from hay fever. You never know when you get this allergic reaction.

Prevention Tips

Before you develop an allergy to pollen or even if you already have hay fever, there are some tips to prevent it and from getting it worse.

  1. When you go out, cover yourself by wearing mask, glasses, hat, which not to take any pollen into the body
  2. Before entering the house, try to take off the outer and remove pollen dust
  3. When you come home, wash hands and face and gargle the throat and mouth.
  4. Close up the windows in your house when the weather forecast announces the pollen are spreading
  5. Some people argue that the immune system matters. Hence sufficient sleep, keeping well-regulated healthy life, and trying not to get stress would contribute to reducing the reaction…
  6. In addition, it is recommended to keep away from smoking and drinking because smoking is causing mucous irritation in the nose and drinking might be affected to histamine in your body to react badly against pollen.

Useful goods to prevent it


1. Specialized mask

Amazingly, you can find allay of masks in the drug store. You can choose the one according to your needs. Some of masks contain menthol flavour to refresh your nose, moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to keep moisturizing, and even with antibody extracted from ostrich egg impregnated into a filter of mask which blocks pollens and virus. For those who wear glasses, there is a mask which does not have strings and it is suitable for wearing longer hours. For ladies, there is the certain mask not to get your make-ups easily removed.

2. Spray to keep pollen dust away

Thanks to the technology, the company sells the spray which could be directly applied to the face and hairs to keep pollen away. Some spray is used for clothes to keep pollen dust away from sticking on your outer.

3. Tissues

Wiping off running nose several times a day might cause your nose trouble. Some tissue is specially made with extra soft and moisturizing ingredients to ease these problems.

4. Special Cleaner for the Futon (duvet)

In Japan, people like to hang the Futon (duvet) outside to refresh it up during sunny day. But if it is a pollens season, it is not suggested to do…in this case, you can use a cleaner for the Futon. Indeed, this cleaner is also effective for the removal of ticks and fleas.


Although prevention is better than curing, it would be ideal to go and see a doctor or pharmacist if your symptom is getting worse!