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Contract Assistant ―only for first 5 people―

By Guidable Writers Dec 22, 2015


When you start life in Japan, you have to open a bank account anyhow.

Student : account to receive scholarship

Business person : and salary for part time job

Or it is not always bank account, you may be restricted to make your account only in Post Office.

Anyway of making it, you should go to bank or post office and fill all the document needed for application.

The problems here are

・Most of officer cannot speak Japanese

・Most of documents are in Japanese

・There are rules along Japanese culture which are quite hard to understand for foreigners

・You didn’t have enough documents

Those things are typical problems in the process of getting account.

Besides, it will not only be in bank or post office, also you will experience this in the case of phone contract.


So, if you are going to confront situation  of making contract, we would like to use our service !


・We will go to shops, bank, office to make contract

・We will explain about information you need

・ Price is 2,000yen / contract  ===> 1,000 yen / contract assist for first 5 people

・You don’t have to be able to speak Japanese. That’s why we will be helping you.

・Place you will make your contract must be in Tokyo, within 23 wards.

【 Assistant 】



・Guidable member

・fluent in English and Japanese ( lived in Ireland for 3.5 years )

・Graduated Master course

・If you like, I will guide you minor places in Tokyo

( Musashikoyama, Kitasenju etc )

Please contact me by E-mail

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Always you are welcome !!