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Daily Life: Finding a place to exercise

By Guidable Writers Jul 15, 2016

Guess most of all would take care of its health from what they eat or how to make exercise themselves.


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If you have already joining any sports club, you might not be serious. However, for those who are trying to find any place to exercise themselves. It would be a “now or never” issue to explore a opportunity.

As I have lived in Japan for several years with doing my work on a week days, it would be a difficult to set a space to make exercise. However, it is not because of there would not be any place to…


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There are many choices but I put three topics to keep your shape and your health.

  1.  Go to Sports Gym near to your home or office
  2.  Join to any sports activity (daily or weekly or monthly)
  3.  Get running, have jogging, or any exercise can be done outside.




Finding a sports gym is a easiest way but it would cost you a certain amount of money. The price could be ¥5000~¥15000, and some exclusive one might be much more expensive.

Here in below are list of Gyms you can find near your location.

  • KONAMI SPORTS CLUB… https://www.konami.com/sportsclub/
  • RENAISSANCE…http://www.s-renaissance.co.jp/index.html
  • CENTRAL…http://www.central.co.jp/
  • TIPNESS…http://tip.tipness.co.jp/
  • GOLDS GYM…http://www.goldsgym.jp/

For finding other gyms, please check this weblink (http://haji-spo.com/erabikata6.html)
※It’s only in Japanese


The second choice “Join to any sports activity”, you can get the merit that it gives you not only play sports what you like, but you can get to know and make new friends in your life.

It is good to exercise but to expand your friend ship and acquire new views, this choice might give you much more enrichment.

So, how to find those groups or communities?
You can find through the brochure which you could get in your local are or Facebook group. Just for the instance, you can find those groups below.

・Futsal Group in Tokyo: https://www.facebook.com/futsalclubtokyo/?fref=ts
・Tennis Club: http://www.meijijingugaien.jp/sports/tennis-club/

It might be feel difficulty if you do not speak Japanese but most of them do not worry whether you can use Japanese or not, and welcome you friendly. Moreover, beginners are also welcomed.


The last one, for going outside to do exercise, you do not worry and become shy not to use huge playground. Put your sports wear and shoes, open you door and go for a jogging or running. There are many local Japanese already do it.


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